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Copy certificates

Find out how to get a copy certificate.

Other ceremonies

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Road safety

Find road safety advice, training and information and details of safety schemes in Torbay.

Travel Torbay

Your one stop destination for travel advice to help keep you moving around the bay.

School governors

Find out how to become a school governor or find information about the role.

Information for schools

Useful information for schools in Torbay relating to capital funding, planning and finance.

School Improvement

Find out more about school improvements in Torbay

Find a school

A comprehensive list of all schools in Torbay including contact details, school types and performance information.

Complain about Children's Social Care

How to make a complaint about Children's Services.

High hedges

Find out what you can do if you property is affected by high hedges.

Join the library

Find out how to join the library, what you can borrow and the services you can access once you are a member.

Business services

Find out about the wide range of services we offer to support Small Medium Enterprises.

Planning performance

Find out about the performance of our planning team compared to others.

Air quality

Find out how we work to improve air quality in the bay.


Find out what to do if you have asbestos it in your home, garage or shed.

Contaminated land

Find out how we deal with land that has been contaminated.

Public toilets

Find out the location and facilities of public toilets in Torbay.

Business rates

Find out about the collection of business rates (national non-domestic rates), how to pay and if you can get a reduction in your payments.

Food safety

Information on setting up a new food businesses, registering and hygiene management of your premises

Child employment

Find out about and apply for licences and permits for children who work or take part in public performances.