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Tree Risk Management Strategy

Find out how we approach tree safety management in Torbay.

Tree and environmental policies

Read our environment related plans, policies and reports.

Contaminated Land Strategy

Find out how we identify and deal with contaminated land within Torbay.

Tree and Woodland Framework

Find out how we intend to maintain and enhance Torbay’s trees and woodlands.

Waste Management Strategy 2020 - 2023

Municipal Waste Management strategy for Torbay

Carbon Neutral Council Action Plan 2022 to 2024

Find out about our commitment to becoming a carbon neutral council and how we are working with others to create a carbon neutral Torbay by 2030.

Summary of actions in the Action Plan

What actions are in the draft Torbay Climate Emergency Action Plan?

Economic Growth Strategy

Read about our ambitious plans to grow Torbay’s economy.

Trees and Environment

Find out how we manage, maintain and conserve trees and woodlands in Torbay and how to apply to work on a tree.

Plans, policies and strategies

Find out about the council's strategies, plans and policies which shape the way we deliver and improve services.

Carbon Neutral Torbay - Initial Action Plan

Find out how we aim to help minimise the economic, social and environmental costs of climate change in the Bay.

Additional amended plans, reports and technical notes

Public house assessment Download Waste management strategy report Download Drainage strategy Download Transport assessment - part 1 of 4 Download Transport assessment - part 2 of 4 Download Transport

Climate change

Find out how we aim to help minimise the economic, social and environmental costs of climate change in the Bay.

Torbay Climate Conversations

Nature based solutions held on 26 May 2022 - Transcription Report

Local List (new)

Find guidance on the local requirements for planning applications in Torbay

The Strand: Harbour Public Realm

Find out more about the work we are doing to regenerate The Strand and Harbourside in Torquay.

Winter Maintenance and Emergency Plan

Learn how we plan to keep roads, paths and cycleways safe and passable in winter.