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Personal education plans

information about the personal education plan (PEP) for children looked after

The Virtual School is committed to championing the education of children looked after through its work. A vital part of this work is done through the personal education plan (PEP).

  • Personal education plans are a statutory part of the care plan.
  • They need to be completed within 20 days of a child coming into care or 10 days if they have come into care in an emergency.
  • They need to be reviewed and updated once a term.
  • A social worker generates a PEP and has the responsibility for organising the meeting.

On 2 November 2015, Torbay Virtual School launched ePEP, an electronic PEP platform. Paper PEPs completed after 2 November 2015, will no longer be accepted.

If you are a designated teacher or a social worker with an existing ePEP account, you can log in below.

Login to your ePEP account

If you have forgotten your ePEP password, click on “Forgot your password?”, enter your username and click ‘Send password Reset Link’ then follow the instructions on the automatically generated email. Please use your username to change passwords, not your email address.

If you have not yet been given an ePEP account, you will be emailed a username and a link to set your own secure password. Follow the instructions from the automatically generated email to access your new account.

A user guide is available on the home page by clicking on the book icon on the top toolbar. Your children will already be visible on the homepage. If you have any problems logging in or using your account, please contact


Following the introduction of ePEP, it has become apparent that the KS5 PEP is not suitable to meet the needs of post 16 students, due to the different options available to continue education and training.

TVS have designed paper PEP’s that we feel will better meet the needs and provide a more accurate record of their progress and needs. A student view form is also part of the process in order for their views to be recorded.

Should you require any changes or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Torbay Virtual School.

KS5 PEP’s need to be completed twice yearly, then at staff discretion depending on changes e.g. a NEET moving back into education.

Contact Torbay Virtual School