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Concessionary Seat

Apply for a concessionary seat on home to school transport in Torbay

There may be spare seats on school transport. We can sell these seats, known as concessionary seats, to pupils who don’t get free transport. If your child doesn’t qualify for free transport, they might still get a seat through this scheme.

We will not alter, re-time or run routes on extra days to meet the needs of a concessionary passenger. You need to get your child to or from the nearest existing pick up or drop off point available.

We’re not able to offer concessionary seats until after the October half term. This is because we must consider late applications from entitled children first.

Paying for a seat

If your application is successful, we will let you know the cost and the start date before you have to pay anything. You may opt out of the scheme at any time. If there is a cost for a seat, we usually only charge for the days of scheduled travel.

You must commit to, and pay for, at least half a term of travel. Changes to travel arrangements within that period will not be considered or refunded.

We sell concessionary seats based on your child travelling every school day. The cost of this is £780, in line with our bus pass fee.

Contact Children Services Transport Team