Capital and Planning

The Schools Capital and Planning team work with schools in Torbay to ensure there are sufficient school places to meet demand for every child. The SCAP team also manage and deliver the Schools Capital Programme providing strategic advice and guidance for the effective asset management of the school estate.

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Capital Funding

The identification and development of proposals for suitable projects to meet the need of school places and/or other elements of the Schools’ Asset Management Plan, the preparation/submission of bids to the Department for Education and other bodies and the management and allocation of Devolved Formula Capital and other sources of capital funding.

Sufficient School Places

Identifying the projected need for school places and the development of proposals to ensure that an adequate supply and range of places are provided to meet our statutory duty. For an update on primary and secondary school place planning and current pressures facing the authority please see the position statements below.

Primary school place position statement
Position statement regarding primary school places as of summer 2020.
Secondary school place position statement
Position statement regarding secondary school places as of summer 2020.

Premises Standards

Maintaining and promoting good practice and ensuring compliance with statutory regulations, including the Equalities Act, action on matters brought to the attention of the team by visiting inspectors, surveyors and engineers, and advice and support on health, safety and security issues affecting schools.

Project Management

The strategic management of the Children’s Services Capital Programme including client duties, overall project management of the Capital Programme and budget monitoring. The team can provide dedicated advice, guidance and support to schools in managing and co-ordinating building projects from inception to completion; to help you to develop your buildings in a way that will provide the best opportunities for an improved learning environment to help raise pupil achievement.

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Schools Asset Management Plan (AMP)

Relates to the provision, management and maintenance of school buildings, categorised as Condition, Suitability, and Sufficiency (capacity) of premises. Specific areas such as Health & Safety, Access (i.e. social inclusion) and Security all fall within the parameters of the AMP.