Pupils can be excluded (also called being “expelled” or “suspended”) by the Headteacher where it is appropriate to do so. The exclusion is likely to have followed a particularly serious incident or a series of incidents. There are two types of exclusion:

  • Fixed term - a child is barred from attending school for a set number of days
  • Permanent - a child has been permanently barred from attending the school

The type of exclusion and the reasons for it will be set out in a letter sent to the parent/guardian from the Headteacher.

If your child is excluded, you have a legal duty to ensure that your child is not present in a public place during school hours without reasonable justification during the first 5 days during each and every fixed period or permanent exclusion, or where an exclusion if for less than 5 days, for any days to which the exclusion relates. If you fail in this duty, you commit an offence contrary to s103 Education and Inspections Act 2006.

A Penalty Notice (PN) may be issued per parent/carer and per child and you are given two payment options. These are:

  • Pay £60 within 21 days of receipt of the PN
  • Pay £120 between 22-28 days of receipt of the PN.

Only one PN will be issued per parent/carer per child within a two year period. This means that if you paid a PN and then committed a further offence contrary to s103 Education and Inspections Act 2006 within the next two years, you are likely to be summonsed to Court for the most recent offence. If convicted, you could receive a fine of up to £1000.


If your child has been permanently excluded and you do not agree with the decision you have the right to appeal to an independent review panel. Contact the school to find out where to submit your request for a review.

For further guidance or information on exclusions you can contact us or: