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Secondary application timetable

When to apply, dates for offers, appeals and waiting lists for new year 7 secondary school place for 2024.

The important dates for new year 7 secondary applications are:

Important dates
Date Details
1 September 2023 Torbay Council website opens for online applications and electronic forms available
7 September 2023 (midday) Closing date for receipt of Registration Forms for selective schools
22 September 2023 Closing date for football academy and performing arts academy registrations at Torquay Academy
16 September 2023 Selective testing day for all selective schools in Torbay
7 October 2023 Torquay Academy aptitude testing day
17 October 2023 Parents notified of outcomes of selective testing
31 October 2023 Closing date for Common Application Forms. Any SIFs to be returned to the relevant school.
17 November 2023 LA sends pupil information to other LAs and admitting authorities
15 December 2023 Foundation/VA schools and Academies return ranked lists
31 January 2024 LA applies agreed scheme for Torbay secondary schools and informs other LAs of offers made to its residents. Address changes accepted until this date except where different deadline set by an admission authority.
9 February 2024 Torbay will share information with neighbouring LAs if the provisional offers to be made to children who are resident in their areas. Other LAs will confirm offers to be made to Torbay residents.
23 February 2024 The LA will confirm offers to Torbay schools.
1 March 2024 National Allocation Day. Online applicants receive email notification of allocations. Letters will be emailed to parents who have not applied online but have provided an email address. Letters will be posted 2nd class to parents who did not apply online and did not provide an email address.
29 March 2024 Deadline for 2nd round applications & changes of preference
29 March 2024 Closing date for receipt of 1st round appeals to be included in the main body of appeal hearings
26 April 2024 Second round offer date
10 May 2024 Closing date for receipt of 2nd round appeals
May/June 2024 Appeals
1 September 2024 Date on which applications become In Year applications

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