Torbay has some wonderful assets which make it a great place to walk, cycle and travel by physically active means but the potential is there to do much more. Active travel offers huge potential benefits for health and wellbeing, the environment, our quality of life and our economy.

We are working to improve the environment so that active travel is better supported by the infrastructure in Torbay over the long term. To ensure we do that effectively, we want to work with the community to ensure we engage with residents and businesses on the key issues that will make a positive difference to active travel in all its forms (walking, cycling, skating, scooting, etc.). That means having conversations with you, sharing what we are planning and what our future ideas are. We want to ultimately deliver improvements in Torbay that don’t just simply encourage people to travel actively. We want to make it genuinely easier and more attractive so that people feel enabled and increasingly desire to make those journeys on foot, cycle, etc.

Join our Torbay Active Travel Infrastructure Network contact list

If you would like to be kept directly updated on active travel infrastructure in Torbay, ask to be added to our ‘Torbay active travel infrastructure network’ contact list. Drop us a line at to let us know and we will get in touch with you from time to time to let you know about the latest developments and opportunities on active travel in Torbay and how you can contribute to shaping improvements.

Another way in which you can highlight areas for attention, make suggestions for improvements and also share ideas with other people is to use the Widen My Path website. The site allows you to view and make suggestions on a map of your area regarding your thoughts on where improvements could be made to facilitate active travel. Or you can simply browse the map and see what other users have commented and if you like it, give those suggestions and comments a virtual thumbs up!

Do also feel free to email suggestions and comments to

Torbay’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (‘Bay Trails’)

Following a detailed consultation and engagement exercise in February to March 2021, we adopted our first Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan called ‘Bay Trails’. This plan’s delivery is supported by our Local Transport Action Plan.​