Climate change is having a major impact on our planet. It is being addressed at an international and national level, and councils up and down the country consider what action can be taken locally.

The Energy and Climate Change Strategy for Torbay describes how we aim to help minimise the economic, social and environmental costs of climate change in the Bay by demonstrating leadership and providing encouragement in working toward emission reductions and resilience to our changing climate.

The strategy was unanimously adopted by full council in July 2014 reflecting our commitment to addressing at local level the causes of global climate change. Since the first strategy was formally adopted in 2008, significant reductions in our energy consumption and waste have contributed towards significant financial savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Our strategic vision continues to be:

The community working together to minimise Torbay’s greenhouse gas emissions for a more sustainable future

The strategy seeks to support this vision by building on the sustainable practice already in place and the delivery of a more resource efficient council and community, where people are aware of what actions they can take in making a positive impact on the environment.

In 2009 the UK Climate Impacts Partnership and the Met Office released climate change predictions for the UK. In Torbay it is predicted that the average annual temperature could be up to 4°C higher by 2080 than it was in 1990 leading to a 50% reduction in summer rainfall and a 20% increase in winter rainfall with a sea level rise of up to 90 cms. Changes to our climate on this scale will have wide ranging impacts on our water resources, coastal defences, transport, public health, farming practices, wildlife, landscape, and Torbay’s economy.

Climate Change Strategy 2014 to 2019
Strategy which provides a framework for the council, its partners and the wider community to help build a low carbon future and make us more resilient to extreme weather events.
Statement of representations - Energy and Climate Change Strategy 2014 to 2019
Details of the consultation process and a full list of the comments received on the draft strategy document and how they were processed.