This year’s annual report is titled ‘Torbay on the Move’. Recommendations are based around 6 key
priority areas:

  • Empowered communities - Engaged communities who have control of their lives and ownership of ‘changing the way we do things’ in terms of physical activity.
  • Active environments, travel and facilities - Torbay becomes a place which is designed to make it easier for people to move more.
  • Physical activity as medicine - Torbay’s healthcare system values, promotes and commissions physical activity as part of prevention and treatment.
  • Active early years and schools - Torbay children are provided with a positive experience of physical activity within schools and early years settings.
  • Active people and families - Physical activity is a normal part of daily life for people living in Torbay.
  • Active workplaces and workforce - Torbay employers enable their workforce to move more as part of their working day.