We have responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the highway including carriageways and cycle paths and we regularly inspect the network to identify areas for repair. We can’t make surfaces completely smooth, there simply aren’t enough resources to do that so we have developed intervention levels that we can achieve.

Repairing potholes

Pothole repairs are triggered by 2 criteria:

  • Vertical edges greater than 40mm or
  • Deeper than 50mm measured under a 600mm straight edge

Potholes not reaching these levels will be monitored.

Repair times will be dependent upon the number of vehicles that use the road and the speed limit. High speed and use roads will have repairs undertaken within 24 hours, low speed and use roads will take 20 working days to repair.

We receive additional funding to help with the repair of our highways.

Report a pothole

Although we monitor the road network, potholes can develop over short periods of time. If you find a problem please contact us as soon as possible. Give as much detail as you can about the size of the pothole (width and depth) and exact location (for example road name, opposite house number or landmark, position in the carriageway, by junction).

  Report a highway problem


Unfortunately incidents do happen and you may have suffered a loss as a result. Some people will make a claim against us if the loss is as a result of negligence. Visit the claims for injury or damage to property page for more information.