We license venues in Torbay for civil ceremonies. If a licence is granted it must be renewed every three years.

Before you apply

If you would like to apply for your venue to become an approved premises for weddings and other ceremonies, you can fill in an application form. Please make sure you read The General Register Office approved premise regulations before you apply to make sure that your venue is suitable for a licence.


The application procedure for a licence is very straightforward and advice is available throughout the process. Complete and submit the application form below with all relevant documentation and fee to the address provided on the application form.

Once we have received the application we will arrange a visit to carry out an inspection and place a statutory public notice in the local press.

21 days after the notice has been placed, if we have received no objections to the licensing of your venue, your venue will become approved and a licence will be granted which is valid for three years.

If a licence is granted and during the 3 year period you would like an additional room to be included in the licence, you will need to complete the application and provide a suitable plan of the area.

Licence type Fee 2023/24 Fee 2025/26 Fee 2026/27
Pre inspection meeting to discuss the process (deductable from licence fee when application is submitted) £120 £135 £140
New License for Approved Premises to hold ceremonies (valid 3 years) £1730 £1900 1975
Renewal of License for Approved Premises to hold ceremonies (valid 3years) £1250 £1370 £1425
Additional room to be added to a current licence £150 £165 170