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Local Outbreak Management Plan

Find out how we will work with our partners to prevent and manage outbreaks of Covid-19 in our local area.

Torbay’s Local COVID -19 Outbreak Management Plan describes how we will work with our partners to prevent and manage outbreaks of COVID -19 in our local area. All parts of health, care and local government are working together, alongside police, business, tourism, our communities, to make sure that we are well prepared for any future increases in infection rates in our part of the country.

Our COVID -19 Outbreak Management Plan covers the following seven areas:

  • Preventing and managing outbreaks in specific settings like care homes and schools
  • Preventing and managing outbreaks in higher risk locations like factories, workplaces, or any other setting where there are a lot of people coming together
  • Making sure we have facilities to test everyone with symptoms quickly and get them their result as soon as possible, so they and their household can stop isolating
  • Helping Public Health England trace contacts if there are cases in complex settings
  • Putting together all the data we have to map the rates and spread of any infection in our community
  • Supporting vulnerable and isolated people to get the information and help they need
  • Working with partners across the Bay to deal with any outbreaks quickly and effectively so we can keep our businesses and institutions running safely
  • Communicating what we are doing to members of our communities and making sure their voices are heard.


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