Torbay has a local system designed to share information on new, novel, adulterated or contaminated drugs. When a drug has unintended consequences, including serious harm or death, sharing the information can help people who are at risk of harm stay safe.

You should use our online form to report

  • A drug that is in circulation in Torbay and you believe this has been adulterated with a substance that is particularly hazardous to human health
  • Concerns about a new drug becoming popular
  • That a new way of taking an existing drug is emerging

You should still use this form to report the concern even if you are unsure of the details.

We will not ask you to share information relating to names or addresses of people who have told you about drug-related harms.

If you are worried about a vulnerable adult or a child using drugs you should make the appropriate safeguarding alerts as well. You can get more information on Safeguarding at NHS South Devon and Torbay – Safeguarding 

You can make a drug-related disclosure to the police by calling 101. If you or someone else is at imminent risk of harm, you should call 999 immediately.

  Report a drug that has caused adverse effects

What will happen if you raise concerns?

We will look at the details you provide, your concerns will be assessed and will result in one of the following:

  • No further action is necessary at this time
  • Raising an emergency alert is felt to be counterproductive
  • An emergency alert to local agencies working with people who are at risk of harm
  • An emergency alert to the general public
Torbay Drugs Information System
The process used when a report is received

Who gets to see the concerns you raise?

The local drug-related information sharing system is co-ordinated by Torbay Public Health team. They will assess the risk of harm to the public by sharing your concerns with the relevant agencies in Torbay and sometimes in Devon. In rare circumstances, your concerns will be shared with national agencies like Public Health England. The purpose of properly assessing your concerns is to work out the best way of keeping people who are at risk of drug-related harm safe.

You can contact the Get help with drug and alcohol problems Opens in a new window. However, please remember the quicker you share your concerns, the quicker we are able to act. You may also wish to raise your concerns in conjunction with Torbay Drug Service.