Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal documents that enable us to manage traffic in Torbay by introducing:

  • Parking restrictions
  • Speed limits
  • One-way streets
  • Width and weight restrictions
  • Special events

Most TROs are a result of input from the local communities and the emergency services, to address specific traffic congestion, health and safety, or quality of life issues.

TRO’s are mostly permanent but can also be temporary or experimental. Temporary TROs enable us to temporarily restrict or prohibit an activity on the highway, such as during a public event. Experimental Orders are used where situations need monitoring and reviewing. These can last no more than eighteen months before they are either abandoned, amended or made permanent.

Urgency TROs may be used when works requiring restrictions must be carried out immediately.

TRO Process

TROs can only be introduced following a legal process. Each TRO is advertised and consulted on. Anyone can object to or support a proposed TRO. Deadlines for the submission of comments are clearly shown on each Order.

Once the consultation period is over a decision is made by the Transport Working Party. If the TRO is agreed, arrangements are then made for the necessary signs and road markings to be provided.

A final notice is published in a local paper stating when the Order will come into effect.