Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are made to control the flow of traffic and make sure that people park safely and conveniently. They can only be introduced following the appropriate legal process.

Brixham Amendment Order No2 2023

Roads included: Alma Road, Beverley Rise, Churston Way, Cross Park, Cumber Drive, Greenover Road, Higher Furzeham Road, King Street, Knick Knack Lane, New Road, Penpethy Road, South Furzeham Road.

Current Status: Notice of Proposals advertised on 21 June 2023, any objections must be received by Torbay Council no later than 11 July 2023.

Brixham Amdendment Order No2 2023
Notice Of Proposals

ETRO (Prohibition of driving)  School Road – Brixham

Current Status: Notice of making advertised on 5 April 2023, traffic regulation order becomes effective as of 29 March 2023. Any objections to the scheme must be submitted in writing or by email and be received by us no later than 5 October 2023.

Notice of proposal
Prohibition of Driving except Authorised Vehicles - School Road Brixham
Brixham School Road sealed order
Prohibition of Driving except Authorised vehicles School street