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Back to Sport 2 funding 2024/25 - Torbay on the move

Supporting more people to move more.

The heart of all sport and physical activity is in our local clubs, community groups and activity providers. The past few covid years have had a terrible impact on sports clubs and people participating in sport in general. This has had a negative impact on both people’s physical health and their mental wellbeing.

We know lots of clubs and groups have had trouble attracting as many participants since. Some extra financial support could encourage people to come back. It may even mean welcoming new members.

With this in mind, we have introduced a refreshed funding stream. It is called ‘Back to Sport 2’. It is a part of our Torbay on the Move initiative for 2024/25. Awards of up to £2,500 are possible to help widen provision of clubs and groups. It will mean being able to offer new sessions for participants that wouldn’t normally join.

We want to support the health and wellbeing of people in general. We want to enable people who wouldn’t normally turn to physical activity and sport. This will in turn improve their overall wellbeing. Both physical and mental. The focus on inclusivity of Back to Sport 2 shows our commitment to doing this.

What you can apply for

We want to support projects that bring a community together. We want to provide opportunities for people who may be less physically active.

We want organisations to consider how they could work together across the community. We want to do it this way to make the biggest possible impact.

Funds are available for project costs such as:

  • facility hire
  • coaching
  • small purchases equipment

Funds will not support capital improvements.

Our priority is to support projects working with people from our disadvantaged communities. A disadvantaged community can be a community facing socio-economic disadvantage. We want to help groups of people who face hurdles when looking at doing physical activity and sporting opportunities.

Who Can Apply

  • Charities, community or not-for-profit groups, health bodies and sports clubs.
  • You do not need to be a registered charity to apply.
  • Your club/group needs to be based within the Torbay Council boundaries.
  • Projects delivering sports and physical activity recognised by Sport England.

Key Information

  • Awards up to £2,500 are possible.
  • Applicants can only apply for up to £100 for marketing costs. It will need to be clearly shown why you need this support and how you will spend the funds on marketing.
  • Applications should be focused on activities that encourage new participants.
  • We can’t fund everything; we only have limited funds available. We can’t fund all of the projects we would like to.
  • We do not give grant funding awards retrospectively.  The funding is available for new activity/purchases only.
  • We will not award repeat funding. You may apply for funds more than once during the year cycle. The application must be completely different from your previous application.
  • A Panel led by Sport Torbay and supported by Torbay Council grant awards. The Panel will meet four times per financial year. Panel reviews will take place in April 2024, July 2024, November 2024, and February 2025. Applications must be returned by:
    • Friday 19 April 2024
    • Friday 12 July 2024
    • Friday 18 October 2024
    • Friday 24 January 2024

Find out more or apply for a Back to Sport 2 grant