Works on the Windy Corner improvement scheme are in progress and due to be completed in July 2019.

This scheme would improve the busy A3022/A379 ‘Windy Corner’ junction by providing two lanes for traffic coming from the Brixham direction on Dartmouth Road and a separate lane for traffic from Paignton, using Bascombe Road. 

The scheme is due to start on site March 2019 with completion scheduled for July 2019.

Windy Corner schedule
Start Date End Date Works
11 March Scheme commences
11 March 5 July Bascombe Road closed for construction of new Brixham bound carriageway.
17 June 23 June Brixham bound lane of Dartmouth Road closed, traffic diverted onto new carriageway.
1 July 7 July Paignton/Ring Road bound lane of Dartmouth Road closed for new bus stop construction.  Two lanes of traffic maintained.
8 July 14 July Daytime carriageway surfacing under single lane closures.  Two lanes of traffic maintained.
8 July 12 July Evening/overnight carriageway surfacing of Windy Corner junction with temporary traffic lights. Week day nights only.
19 July Planned completion

Read the latest press release about the works.

Windy Corner Junction Improvement
Plan of the junction improvements at Windy Corner.


The works were always programmed to be carried out at the same time, as the traffic management from the Windy Corner scheme was not considered to have a significant impact on traffic flow at this location and the effect of the two schemes on each other should be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, irrespective of when these works are programmed, there will always be some level of disruption as a result.

The approval of government funding for this scheme is based on the current contract costs and any delay, which results in additional costs, may put this funding at risk. It is also considered that the benefits of delivering the Windy Corner Improvements prior to the Summer will outweigh any dis-benefits of carrying out the works at this time.

Works of this nature are managed under a formal contract and the contractor is under obligation to comply with the Contract conditions and timescales. We also carry out pre contract investigations into utility apparatus etc. Unfortunately, even with these controls in place, the works are being carried out on roads that have had numerous historical changes and there is always the possibility of finding unforeseen ground conditions, which neither us or the contractor will have any control over and these can potentially add delay to the programme of works. Our engineers and contractors will work together to minimise the impact of any unforeseen issues.

We have taken all necessary steps to minimise the traffic disruption on this scheme by phasing the works to allow two way traffic where possible and to carry out some more disruptive surfacing works during the evenings. These measures should mitigate the effect to businesses in Brixham with the completed scheme delivering benefits in the longer term.

Yes, there will be a section of designated cycle path. The extent of the new footway/cycleway has been agreed with the community partnership, being mindful of the importance of preserving the Common at this location.

The original proposal to widen the road on the War Memorial side was subject to consultation and a received a significant number of objections. The current proposed option was the preferred option of the local community groups and whilst it is a slightly more challenging scheme, it delivers the same level of benefit to traffic flow. In consideration of the local community views it was decided to take the current proposed scheme forward.

Crossing facilities will remain at the signalised junction during the scheme and this layout will be unchanged from existing. Unfortunately we are unable to add any pedestrian phases to the signals at this time, however this will be looked at again as a potential future improvement.

The longest queues at peak times to the junction are experienced on the Northbound (Paignton Bound) approach to the junction. Many of the vehicles within this queue are heading towards the Ring Road, however they are unable to separate themselves from the straight ahead (Paignton Town Centre) queue to the signals due to the short length of the existing left hand lane.

By increasing the length of the left lane, vehicles are able to flow more easily on to the Ring Road, and these vehicles are then removed from the ahead queue, the length of which will reduce accordingly. This means that more vehicles will be able to exit through the junction in this direction on each phase of the signals and this will in turn provide more capacity to give additional green time to the Brixham Road and Dartmouth Road (south) approaches in each phase.