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Disclosure Logs
TitleDate ReceivedDate of ResponseOutcome
Council Charges for School Conversion21 Jun 201818 Jul 2018Processed
Torbay Air Show 2018 Costs20 Jun 201818 Jul 2018Processed
Museum Sales30 May 201813 Jul 2018Processed
Oldway Costings12 Jun 201813 Jul 2018Processed
Surplus Land13 Jun 201813 Jul 2018Processed
Full Fibre4 Jun 20183 Jul 2018Processed
Home Applications for Schools16 May 201825 Jun 2018Processed
Roads Compensation Summary 1998-2015 Inclusive26 May 201815 Jun 2018Processed
Business Rates5 Apr 201829 May 2018Processed
Zoo Licencing Act27 Apr 201829 May 2018Information Provided in Part
Pavement Parking27 Apr 201829 May 2018Processed
Public Health Funerals30 Apr 201829 May 2018Processed
Rough Sleepers24 Apr 201816 May 2018Processed
Tower Blocks18 Apr 201816 May 2018Processed
Homelessness in Torbay13 Apr 201810 May 2018Processed
Public Health Funerals12 Apr 201810 May 2018Processed
Licensing Scheme in place for Private Sector Landlords11 Apr 20184 May 2018Processed
Supporting Schools10 Apr 20184 May 2018Processed
Private Sector Landlord Licensing Schemes4 Apr 20182 May 2018Processed
Parking Permit Costs1 Mar 20182 May 2018Processed
Homelessness Spend5 Apr 20181 May 2018Information Provided in Part
Commercial Property4 Apr 20181 May 2018Processed
Gender Pay Gap by Individual Grade3 Apr 20181 May 2018Information Not Held
"Honour" based violence, Forced Marriage, FGM.3 Apr 20181 May 2018Processed
Governments roll out programme for superfast broadband28 Feb 201827 Apr 2018Processed
Children with a learning disability16 Oct 201727 Apr 2018Information Provided in Part
Children Missing Education5 Oct 201727 Apr 2018Processed
Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Policy26 Mar 201820 Apr 2018Processed
Public Health Funerals28 Feb 201827 Mar 2018Processed
Proposed Open Spaces Strategy22 Feb 201820 Mar 2018Processed
Community Asset Transfer (CAT)31 Jan 201820 Mar 2018Processed
Council Sickness Absence13 Feb 201813 Mar 2018Processed
Environment Agency31 Jan 20182 Mar 2018Information Provided in Part
Public Health Funerals6 Feb 201823 Feb 2018Processed
Community Lotteries30 Jan 201823 Feb 2018Processed
Energy Supply24 Jan 20185 Feb 2018Information Provided in Full
Data and Cyber Security14 Jan 201829 Jan 2018Information Provided in Part
The Lottery you run for Local Causes8 Jan 201829 Jan 2018Processed
Staff and Councillor complaints11 Jan 201819 Jan 2018Information Provided in Part
Use of Body Worn Video7 Jan 201817 Jan 2018Processed
Fines issued for unauthorised school absences 2015-16 and 2016-17.4 Jan 201817 Jan 2018Processed
Neighbourhood Plan consultation data29 Dec 201716 Jan 2018Processed
GDPR14 Dec 201719 Dec 2017Processed
Housing Benefit30 Nov 201715 Dec 2017Processed
Supported Housing Services, Floating Housing Support Services and Homelessness Services4 Dec 201715 Dec 2017Processed
Scanners and Student Record Management Systems8 Dec 201712 Dec 2017Processed
Taxi Licenses24 Nov 20178 Dec 2017Processed
Councillor housing benefit16 Oct 201714 Nov 2017Processed
Abandoned Vehicles23 Oct 20173 Nov 2017Processed
Cyber Attacks and Cyber Security9 Oct 20173 Nov 2017Processed
Fixed Penalty Notices5 Sep 20172 Nov 2017Processed
Reported neighbour complaints1 Sep 20172 Nov 2017Processed
Investments in commercial property11 Jul 20172 Nov 2017Processed
Torbay Council staff parking22 Aug 201711 Oct 2017Information Provided in Part
Child employment permits12 Sep 201711 Oct 2017Information Provided in Part
Leased/Financed/Owned Vehicles12 Sep 201711 Oct 2017Processed
Bridge Maintenance12 Sep 201711 Oct 2017Processed
Fire sprinkler systems in schools13 Sep 201711 Oct 2017Processed
Fixed Penalty Notices16 Aug 20174 Oct 2017Processed
Public Health Funerals22 Aug 20174 Oct 2017Processed
A5 Planning Applications4 Sep 20174 Oct 2017Information Not Held
Summons issued in the Magistrates Court for non-payment either in whole or in part of non-domestic4 Sep 20174 Oct 2017Processed
Cost of managing asbestos in schools5 Sep 20174 Oct 2017Processed
Community Protection Notice5 Sep 20174 Oct 2017Processed
Public Space Protection Orders6 Sep 20174 Oct 2017Processed
A complete list of properties (with address details if possible) that have been purchased or acquired by Torbay council from May 2017- September 2017"7 Sep 20174 Oct 2017Processed
social work workforce costs8 Sep 20174 Oct 2017Processed
Supply Teachers1 Sep 201726 Sep 2017Processed
Discretionary housing payments29 Aug 201726 Sep 2017Information Provided in Part
Reference: Torquay United AFC and the Plainmoor area.30 Aug 201726 Sep 2017Information Provided in Part
Written off Council Tax24 Aug 201719 Sep 2017Processed
Section 40: Duties under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006. 14 Aug 201719 Sep 2017Information Provided in Part
Private hospital schools24 May 201719 Sep 2017Processed
Seeking information on the administration process of FOI requests.17 Sep 201718 Sep 2017Processed
Compensation claims made in schools16 Aug 201711 Sep 2017Information Provided in Part
Domestic abuse funding 2004/05 - 2016/1720 Jul 20176 Sep 2017Processed
Print22 Aug 201731 Aug 2017Processed
Community Infrastructure Levy7 Aug 201729 Aug 2017Processed
Torbay Health and Wellbeing Board7 Aug 201729 Aug 2017Information Provided in Part
Printing4 Aug 201729 Aug 2017Processed
Waste Charges for Charities and voluntary organisations20 Jul 201729 Aug 2017Processed
IT System Information relating to Children's Services Functions18 Jul 201729 Aug 2017Processed
Budgeting software or spreadsheets to schools28 Jul 201718 Aug 2017Information Provided in Part
Disability Facilities Grant25 Jul 201717 Aug 2017Processed
Private Rented Sector Offers21 Jul 201711 Aug 2017Processed
Substance Misuse Budgets20 Jul 201711 Aug 2017Information Provided in Part
Cyber attacks20 Jul 201711 Aug 2017Processed
Business rates refund cheques29 Jun 201727 Jul 2017Processed
Parking meters27 Jun 201725 Jul 2017Processed
Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children27 Jun 201725 Jul 2017Processed
Disabled Facilities Grants25 Jun 201724 Jul 2017Processed
Agency staff19 Jun 201724 Jul 2017Processed
Permanent Staffing15 Jun 201724 Jul 2017Processed
Children's Palliative Care2 Jun 201720 Jul 2017Information Provided in Part
Council Homes16 Apr 201720 Jul 2017Processed
Churston Woods23 Jun 201719 Jul 2017Information Provided in Part
Contraceptive services20 Jun 201718 Jul 2017Processed
Parking services1 Jun 201713 Jul 2017Information Provided in Part
Community Equipment Service15 Jun 20177 Jul 2017Processed
Car park ticket machines12 Jun 20176 Jul 2017Processed
Costs of exclusion in your local authority10 Jun 20176 Jul 2017Processed
Recyclable Material19 Jun 20175 Jul 2017Information Provided in Part
Mens Health Forum13 Jun 20175 Jul 2017Information Provided in Part
Taxi Licences12 Jun 20175 Jul 2017Processed
Genealogist23 Jun 20173 Jul 2017Information Provided in Part
Private companies owned by Torbay Council3 Jun 20173 Jul 2017Already Publicly Accessible
Post adoption letterbox contact4 Jun 201730 Jun 2017Processed
Zoo inspection reports5 Jun 201730 Jun 2017Information Provided in Part
Public Health Funerals30 May 201723 Jun 2017Processed
Families with no recourse to public funds30 May 201723 Jun 2017Information Provided in Part
Air pollution11 May 201720 Jun 2017Processed
Windows XP15 May 201715 Jun 2017Processed
Homeless deaths15 May 201715 Jun 2017Information Not Held
Provision of education for 19 to 25 year old students with complex learning difficulties28 Apr 201715 Jun 2017Processed
Domestic Violence Capacity and Accommodation17 May 201713 Jun 2017Processed
Potholes16 May 20178 Jun 2017Processed
People with a learning disability12 May 20177 Jun 2017Processed
Back log of repairs in £'s value to roads8 May 20177 Jun 2017Processed
Health protection budget5 May 20177 Jun 2017Processed
Early years free entitlement funding and Schools Forums4 May 20177 Jun 2017Processed
European Regional Development Fund28 Apr 20177 Jun 2017Processed
Asbestos28 Apr 20175 Jun 2017Processed
Qualified social workers13 Apr 20175 Jun 2017Processed
Ash Trees2 May 201730 May 2017Information Provided in Part
Taxi drivers over 6528 Apr 201724 May 2017Processed
Council tax reminders to councillors22 Apr 201724 May 2017Processed
Refugee Resettlement20 Apr 201716 May 2017Processed
The number of individual school crossing patrol officers employed or contracted by the council.17 Apr 201716 May 2017Processed
Zoo inspection reports13 Apr 201716 May 2017Information Provided in Part
Oversubscribed primary phase schools for September 2017 admissions.6 Apr 201712 May 2017Processed
Moderators training for KS2 Writing Assessment5 Apr 201712 May 2017Processed
Residents awarded welfare assistance or crisis payments11 Apr 20179 May 2017Processed
28 Hill Park Road Torquay TQ1 4LD4 Apr 20175 May 2017Processed
Waterside Quarry, Paignton4 Apr 201727 Apr 2017Processed
Department of Communities and Local Government 2016/18 Domestic Abuse Fund.3 Apr 201727 Apr 2017Processed
Torbay Council Laptop spend29 Mar 201727 Apr 2017Processed
DCLG Rogue Landlord funding FOI28 Mar 201727 Apr 2017Processed
UASCs23 Mar 201721 Apr 2017Processed
Building service term contracts – Lot 8 Water Hygiene & Risk Assessment & Monitoring.22 Mar 201721 Apr 2017Information Provided in Part
Freedom of Information request - Workforce Management21 Mar 201719 Apr 2017Processed
Car parking meters17 Mar 201711 Apr 2017Information Provided in Part
Off-street car parking provision in your local authority area10 Mar 201711 Apr 2017Information Provided in Part
Cashless parking13 Mar 20175 Apr 2017Processed
Pest control8 Mar 201729 Mar 2017Processed
Fines for unauthorised absences6 Mar 201729 Mar 2017Already Publicly Accessible
Counterfeit coins1 Mar 201729 Mar 2017Information Provided in Part
Potholes24 Feb 201720 Mar 2017Processed
Photocopiers / MFD's / Desktop printers22 Feb 201720 Mar 2017Processed
Green waste collections22 Feb 201720 Mar 2017Processed
Pharmacy services in Torbay in 201621 Feb 201720 Mar 2017Processed
Cycle Route14 Feb 201720 Mar 2017Processed
Business Rates20 Feb 201717 Mar 2017Information Provided in Part
Reportable incidents or accidents where a child has been injured at a school17 Feb 201717 Mar 2017Processed
PSPOs17 Feb 201717 Mar 2017Processed
Businesses in Torbay17 Feb 201717 Mar 2017Information Not Held
IT Documents16 Feb 201716 Mar 2017Processed
Oversubscribed secondary phase schools for September 2017 admissions15 Feb 201716 Mar 2017Information Provided in Part
Microchipping of dogs16 Feb 201714 Mar 2017Processed
Council Tax Arrears16 Feb 201714 Mar 2017Processed
KS2 Writing Moderation13 Feb 201713 Mar 2017Processed
Public consultations13 Feb 201713 Mar 2017Processed
Unaccompanied refugee children13 Feb 201713 Mar 2017Processed
Restraint in Special Schools8 Feb 20176 Mar 2017Information Not Held
Pollution8 Feb 20176 Mar 2017Processed
Sport facilities7 Feb 20176 Mar 2017Processed
Local assistance scheme7 Feb 20176 Mar 2017Processed
Unaccompanied minors7 Feb 20176 Mar 2017Processed
Households affected by the household benefit cap2 Feb 201728 Feb 2017Processed
School places 20171 Feb 201728 Feb 2017Processed
Recycling1 Feb 201728 Feb 2017Processed
Trees22 Jan 201728 Feb 2017Information Provided in Part
Weight management26 Jan 201724 Feb 2017Processed
Orders for Possession24 Jan 201722 Feb 2017Processed
Public Health Contracts26 Jan 201720 Feb 2017Processed
Grinagog Festival25 Jan 201720 Feb 2017Processed
Fax Management Systems23 Jan 201714 Feb 2017Processed
Designated statutory children's centres20 Jan 201714 Feb 2017Processed
Payments made regarding the use of fields for sports8 Jan 20178 Feb 2017Processed
Trading rights3 Jan 201730 Jan 2017Information Provided in Part
Recycling30 Dec 201630 Jan 2017Processed
Primary schools that chose to boycott the KS2 SATs16 Dec 201624 Jan 2017Information Not Held
Library back office services9 Jan 201719 Jan 2017Processed
Shelter on Lincombe Drive5 Jan 201719 Jan 2017Processed
Drug and alcohol treatment services4 Jan 201719 Jan 2017Processed
Discretionary housing payments4 Jan 201719 Jan 2017Processed
Microchipping of dogs1 Jan 201719 Jan 2017Processed
IT systems for parking services2 Jan 201719 Jan 2017Processed
Housing benefit paid to family members30 Dec 201619 Jan 2017Information Not Held
Housing benefit paid to family members30 Dec 201619 Jan 2017Information Not Held
Income received from anchorage of ships29 Dec 201618 Jan 2017Processed
Income received from anchorage of ships29 Dec 201618 Jan 2017Processed
Alcohol and substance misuse22 Dec 201612 Jan 2017Processed
Landlord Immigration Checks Policy9 Dec 20165 Jan 2017Information Provided in Part
Cyber security9 Dec 20165 Jan 2017Processed
Cost savings relating to the turning off of street lights1 Dec 20165 Jan 2017Processed

Torbay Council launched a new disclosure log on 1 February 2017. All previous data has been deleted.