We recognise the importance of high standards of conduct and ethics from its politicians and officers. We strive to ensure that our politicians and officers maintain these standards when representing us and the people of Torbay.

We have a ‘local’ code of conduct which explains what is expected of members and co-opted members of the authority when they are acting in that capacity and that such code makes appropriate provision for the registration by members of pecuniary and other interests of members. This code was adopted by the Council at its meeting of 12 July 2012.

The Code of Conduct ensures high standards and sets out the rules for how members should carry out their duties. It also covers areas of individual behaviour and makes sure members do not abuse their position or the Council’s resources. The Code of Conduct is a document that can be found in the latest version of our Constitution.


If you think a Councillor have breached the Code of Conduct please tell us.

Pecuniary interests

Part of the Code of Conduct requires members and independent co-opted members to declare pecuniary interests, and what qualifies as a pecuniary interest is defined with the code of conduct. Members are required to complete a register of their pecuniary interests and where they have a pecuniary interest in a matter being determined they are not entitled to take part in that decision. The register for the Councillors and Co-opted members is updated annually and can be found by viewing the Your Councillors page.

The register for Brixham Town Council members can be found on the Brixham Town Council website.