The Nomination form is intended to be used by all Partners when offering Universal support to families at Level 2, and where it is felt that the family may reach the criteria for inclusion within the Supporting (Troubled) Families programme. Not all families are ‘open’ or known to Children’s Services however, many families in Torbay are in receipt of support from a service or services and could still be eligible.

Supporting Families Form

Torbay Supporting (Troubled) Families Programme are tasked by Government with the identification of families that meet the criteria. The aim is to bring sustained progress or change through whole family working. The family will need to be monitored by S(T)F for a minimum of 6 months after intervention is ended to confirm whether the progress or change have been sustained.

To prevent consent being sought and forms being filled out unnecessarily contact the Supporting (Troubled) Families Team on 01803 207892 to check if the family are known currently or previously identified in Phase 1 of the programme (closed 2015). This then automatically negates eligibility for inclusion on the current Phase 2.

On acceptance you will be forwarded a screening tool for the family. This tool provides a simple overview of the family and provides a baseline Assessment of the family’s needs. (Please note this is only when Targeted Help Coordinator has been confirmed).

Partner Nomination and Review Process
March 2018 - Version 1

Please send completed forms to

On receipt of your completed Nomination form you will be contacted by the Supporting (Troubled) Families coordinator who will offer advice and information. The STF coordinator will:

  • Help to identify another agency, where required to take on the role of
  • Targeted Help Coordinator if you are not able to.
  • Support your first TAF meeting - if you are going to undertake the lead professional role for the family.
  • Help to create the first Plan of support for the family.
  • Attend and/or chair the first TAF meeting.
  • Be your point of contact for the duration of the intervention.
EH and TS Process Chart
Flow chart for the process around EH and TS.

It is expected that you will:

  • Continue with your intervention as normal until contacted.
  • Ensure the family are aware of who is leading their intervention.
  • Record any intervention you offer in the TAF minutes (Plan) or against the screening tool (Assessment).
  • Ensure Any intervention is focused around the indicators highlighted in the screening tool.
  • Consider all the family is in the intervention.
  • Submit the TAF minutes or updated screening tools to the Supporting Families Team for regular monitoring.

Also, if you are the lead then you will be asked to  provide information that will help the STF to determine if sustained progress or change within a family has been achieved and in doing so can be considered under the Payment By Results - PBR criteria.