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Rough sleeping

Find out what to do if you are worried about someone sleeping rough.

A rough sleeper is someone who is living on the street and has nowhere to stay. Rough sleepers may sleep in tents, doorways, alleyways or subways, amongst other places.

What you can do

If you see find someone rough sleeping rough you can tell us using StreetLink. Please give us as much information as you can including:

  • their location
  • buildings nearby
  • clothes they are wearing
Tell us about a rough sleeper

You can also download the StreetLink app on app Android or Apple.

What happens next

Our rough sleeping team provide that all-important outreach support to rough sleepers.

StreetLink will tell us when you have made a report and we will investigate as soon as we can. We work with a wide range of local services and volunteers to help the rough sleeper.

Severe weather

We must all do everything we can to prevent deaths caused by winter weather.

Every winter we offer temporary accommodation to rough sleepers during very cold weather. This happens when the temperature is less than zero degrees for three days in a row.

People on the streets who aren’t rough sleeping

Some people who look like they are to be sleeping rough may not be. They may be drinking or begging but have somewhere to live.

They will need a different type of help from us and other local services. You may not see a change straight away.

This doesn't mean contacting StreetLink was a waste of time. It is always better to tell us about someone you think may be rough sleeping so we can help if we need to.

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