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Car park permit

Find out how to apply for a weekly, monthly or annual permit for car parks in Torbay.

Please be aware that Harbour car park, Torquay, is currently closed.

A recent inspection has identified defects in a small number of supporting beams in the car park structure. This means the multi storey section of the car park isn’t safe for pedestrians or cars until essential repairs can be carried out. This has required us to close both upper and lower parking levels. Parking for Premier Inn customers is unaffected by the closure.

Please be assured that the decision to close the car park was not taken lightly. We are aware that the closure will cause disruption for local businesses, residents and visitors alike. We are working hard to reopen the car park as soon as possible.

The closure includes both Montpellier Road and Museum Road entrances.

During the closure, you are advised to park in alternative local car parks at Meadfoot Road and Beacon Quay. Fleet Walk pay on exit car park and the Torquay Marina car park are also available.

Permits for Harbour car park can be used at Meadfoot Road and Beacon Quay car parks.

We appreciate your patience whilst the essential repairs are carried out. Further updates will be provided as new information becomes available.

Please be aware that parking permits are non-refundable.

For regular car park users we offer a variety of parking permits allowing you to use over 30 car parks across Torbay.

For example, did you know our annual off-peak parking permit works out at just £1.44 a week? This means if you park for more than an hour a week, the permit has paid for itself.

Our standard annual permit works out at £8.75 a week, which is less than the cost of paying for one full day ticket in Zone 1.

For someone using our car parks on a regular basis, there are great savings to be made.

Short stay time limits apply in Brixham Central, Great Western Road and Shoppers car parks.

Four day, eight day and monthly car park tickets can be bought at the card payment machines in the following car parks: Hampton Avenue, Town Hall, Shedden Hill, Beacon Quay, Victoria (levels 1 and 3), Clennon Valley, Broadsands, Brixham Central and Freshwater. These tickets must be clearly displayed when parking, with all details visible.

Tariff for Torbay Council car park permits from 24 April 2024
Permit type Coverage Cost

Paid by Direct Debit. Can be used in all Torbay Council Car Parks


Can be used in all Torbay Council Car Parks

Monthly All Car Parks

This permit can be used in all Torbay Council Car Parks except Lower Union Lane

Eight Day Permit

Can be used in all Torbay Council Car Parks except Lower Union Lane.

Four Day Permit

Can be used in all Torbay Council Car Parks except Lower Union Lane.

Annual Off Peak Permit

Can be used 3pm to 10am in all Torbay Council car parks except pay on exit car parks: Lower Union Lane

Commercial Weekly

Can be used at Clennon Valley, Freshwater, Lymington RoadVictoria and Shedden Hill.


All car park permits applied for online are 'virtual permits'.  This means you will not receive a permit to display.  If you are applying for a permit for use in a Pay on Exit car park then this will be updated with your registration/s the next working day.

Please note the following:

  • if you are a driver of a foreign vehicle please do not include dashes when entering your registration.

A fee of £25.00 applies for all amendments.

Please see below for a comprehensive list of available permits:

For a full list of car parks these permits can be used in please visit our car parks page - please note the restrictions at the bottom of this page on some of our car parks when using a car parking permit.

Car park permit restrictions

  • Beacon Quay - Permits not applicable in section before the height barrier on the top deck
  • Brunswick Square - Permits not applicable in short-stay bays
  • Lower Union Lane - Only annual all day permits are applicable in this car park
  • Shoppers - One hour short stay limit applies to permit holders
  • Breakwater - Only applicable in Council car park, not multi-storey car park
  • Brixham Central - Three hours short stay limit applies to permit holders
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