We have had to change the way that some of our service operates to meet the guidelines set out by the government in response to the Coronavirus pandemic and to provide additional support for those affected.

If you do not pay your business rates or you pay late, you may be subject to recovery proceedings.

Business rates are a yearly charge and you will be sent a bill that shows when to pay each month and how much is due.

Any changes to your business rates account will cause an amended bill to be sent to you.

Below shows what will happen if you don’t pay your business rates on time.

If you don't pay your business rates by the due date we will send you a reminder.

No further reminders will be sent.

If you don't pay the amount shown on the reminder within the time stated your instalments are cancelled and a final notice will be sent and the full amount is due.

If you don't pay the full amount you will receive a court summons.

If you don’t pay in full by the court date the Magistrate will grant a liability order for the amount owed and court costs will be added to your account.

The debt may now be passed to a bailiff (enforcement agent) to collect. As well as the court costs you will also have to pay bailiff fees. They may take your goods to sell at auction.