Most people or businesses do not realise that their noise is causing an issue to others and by politely speaking to them, the noise is usually reduced. This is why we ask that you contact them in the first instance providing it is safe to do so. To help you with this we have included some tips on how to approach people sample letters if you don't feel comfortable speaking face to face.

If you genuinely can’t approach your neighbour or the business affecting you, please make a   Make a noise complaint.

How to approach a noisy neighbour or business

Having a good relationship with our neighbours is something most of us value highly and is worth hanging onto. They are there when we need a little help or can keep an eye on our home when we are on holiday. A friendly chat over the garden fence or when passing can brighten our day.

Having neighbours can have its downside too. Things they do at their property or business may seem trivial to one person but may cause annoyance, lack of sleep, stress, and generally affect the quality of life of others.

As with most things in life, good communication is the key and in the first instance we recommend that you contact your neighbour or nearby business. Often people are not aware that their actions are causing problems and can be quite receptive to changing if approached in the right way.  Relationships can be damaged if 'Officialdom' becomes involved so an informal approach may work best in the first place.

Tips on speaking to a noisy neighbour or business

  • Remain polite and calm at all times, raising your voice or behaving in a threatening manner will aggravated the situation and is best avoided.
  • Explain to them what is disturbing your family life or you and tell them when you are being disturbed. Explain the effect the noise is having.
  • If you feel comfortable and feel it is safe to do so, invite your neighbour in so they can see the effect it is having.
  • Try to be constructive and find a way to solve the problem for the future. It is important that it’s a solution that everybody can live with.
  • Don’t dwell too much on past problems, try to focus on how to solve the problem.

Sometimes, other people may not be able to hear the noise affecting you.  This may be a sign of a hearing disorders Opens in a new window.

If you are not comfortable speaking face to face, we have some letter templates that may help.