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Protect someone from harm

Advice on how to keep adults and children safe from harm in Torbay and who to talk to about safeguarding or if you are worried about someone's safety.

Report anti social behaviour

Find out how we deal with anti social behaviour (ASB) and how you can report it.

Help for jobseekers

Find out about the help available in Libraries for people looking for a job.

Sexual health

How we promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging positive physical, sexual and emotional relationships in young people.

Get support for sexual assualt

Advice on what to do if you have, or know someone who has been sexually assaulted.

More Useful Information

Useful Information for people looking to join Torbay Council as a Social Worker.

Litter and litter bins

Find out what we do about litter on our streets, littering fines and how to pay them.

What is fostering?

Find out about fostering and what is involved when you foster a child.

Behaviour, interests and standards

Find about the behaviour and standards expected from councillors and officers and what financial and other interests have been registered.

About Public Health

Find out more about the work of the Public Health team in Torbay.

Different ways you can foster

Find out about the different types of fostering and which one is most suitable for you.

Supporting (Troubled) Families

exclusion or young people at risk of worklessness Families affected by domestic violence and abuse Parents or children with a range of health problems   How do families get support

Friends of Torbay Parks

Find out about the groups which actively contribute to the management and upkeep of their local parks and how you can start a group.

Submit a petition

Advice on how to petition the Council.

Deposit bond criteria

Find out the criteria you must meet to qualify for the Deposit Bond Scheme.

Food poverty

Find out how we are planning to tackle food poverty in Torbay and how you can help.

Development Management Committee

Find out about the development management committee and what it does.