A recent report published by the charity Unseen has revealed that hundreds of potential victims of modern slavery experienced homelessness, either before, during or after the exploitation occurred.

Homeless individuals and rough sleepers are frequently targeted by exploiters who see them as easier targets due to their situation. Exploiters are known to target homeless people at various location such as train stations, parks, the street, as well as shelters, foodbanks, soup kitchens, and hostels.

To tackle this, Safer Communities Torbay is supporting Unseen’s national campaign ‘Always Be Aware’ – to raise awareness of the connection between modern slavery and homelessness. Show your support by joining the campaign, use the hashtag #AlwaysBeAware and use the free resources provided.

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Research highlights that survivors of domestic abuse go to as many as five different agencies before they get the help, advice and support they need.  Additionally, many frontline staff struggle to know how to respond to people experiencing domestic abuse and are therefore unlikely to spot the signs of DA or encourage colleagues in disclosing. The DA Network provides specialist training to individuals who can cascade knowledge and awareness as well as assist in helping survivors of domestic abuse receive the necessary support.

For more information visit the Are You OK? website.

White Ribbon is an international male led campaign to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, healthy relationships and new vision of masculinity. We are the first organisation in the South West to receive the White Ribbon accreditation and actively promotes the movement through campaigning locally.