You may be feeling upset and have doubts about reporting a crime.  Reporting a crime is often a big step and many people feel unsure what to do for various reasons. Regardless of whether someone chooses to report or not, they should be able to access support as a victim of crime. 

Age UK is the UKs largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. The Age UK network provide services and support at a local level to inspire, enable and support people over 50. You can call 01803 555 181 or email

Launched by us in 2014, Are You OK? is a website that provides support, advice and resources around domestic abuse and sexual violence for both the public and professionals. The site also includes a directory for both local and national services.

Citizens Advice provide people with information on their rights, responsibilities and options on a wide range of topics including: employment, benefits, housing, family and relationships, immigration, debt, consumer advice, advice on trading standards related issues and more. You can call the advice line on 0808 278 7859  or visit your local office.

The Devon and Cornwall Victim Care Unit provides immediate support and information for all victims and has a mixture of police and third sector specialists to provide help. You can find out more on the Victim Care Unit website.

Victim Support is an independent charity dedicated to supporting victims of crime regardless of whether victims wish to report a crime. You can call the Victim Support line free on 08 08 16 89 111. Alternatively you can securely email.

Bystander intervention is the term for witness action to defuse situations and make public spaces safer.

Stand Up Against Harassment training This programme drives awareness of street harassment with a call-to-action on a global scale. By opening the public eye to the scale of harassment that women in particular experience,

To find out more please click the link provided Stand Up Against Harassment training