We support all practitioners and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) working with children with special educational needs and/or disabilities in early years settings in Torbay.

Inclusion support takes the form of training, advice and guidance around individual children’s needs and inclusive practices.

The Advisory Teacher for Early Years Inclusion can be contacted on 01803 208261 or 07789 923 782.

SEN Early Years Resources are also available.


Activity Led Funding in Early Years (ALFEY)

Early Years settings are invited to apply for activity led funding to help support individual children with needs who have been referred to the service by completing the Funding for Support form.

ALFEY Panel Dates
Term 2018 Final Submission date ALFEY Panel Payment Date
Spring Term Friday 19th January 2018 Monday 29th January 2018 Monday 19th February 2018
Spring Term Friday 16th March Monday 26th March 2018 Monday 16th April 2018
Summer Term Friday 11th May 2018 Monday 21st May 2018 Monday 4th June 2018
Terms of Reference
Activity Led Funding Early Years (ALFEY) Panel

You can make a request for activity led funding for supporting Individual children by downloading and completing the Activity Led Funding in Early Years (ALFEY) parts 1 and 2 forms and sending them to us.

  Download Activity Led Funding in Early Years (ALFEY) form – Part 1 (setting information)

  Download Activity Led Funding in Early Years (ALFEY) form - Part 2 (child information)

Activity Led Funding in Early Years (ALFEY) form - Part 2 - Guidance
Guidance on requesting funding for supporting individual children.

Disability Access Fund (DAF)

In addition, Early Years settings may be able to receive DAF for eligible children attending their setting. The Disability Access Fund is money that is available for eligible children to a nominated childcare provider once per year to aid access to Early Years places for children with special educational needs (SEN) or disabilities.

  Download Disability Access Fund application form

Disability Access Fund
Information including eligibility criteria.


Forms and records downloads

You can download the relevant forms and record keeping templates and guidance documents below.