Information about the number of on-time applications for each primary school and how places were allocated

Information about the number of on-time applications for each secondary school and how places were allocated

You can appeal when the school that you would prefer your child to attend has turned down your application because, in their view, to admit any further children "would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources".

You also have the right to appeal if your application for a place at a selective school (a grammar school or Spires College selective stream) has not been successful as your child did not meet the required ability level in the selective tests or your child's score was not high enough.

Further information about appeals can be found in the TIPS 2 Booklet.

TIPS 2 Booklet
This guide explains how you can appeal if you have been refused a school place and what happens at the appeal hearing.

If your child was not allocated their preferred school, you may find it useful to contact the Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) Opens in a new window. They offer independent information and advice on state education, including on admission appeals.

Information about secondary places allocated in the first round of offers for September 2018 is now available

Appeal closing dates

The Closing date for receipt of appeals by the Torbay Independent Appeal Panel is as follows:

  • Entry into year 7 - 17 April 2018
  • Entry into Reception - 18 May 2018

Appeal Forms

You can submit an appeal by completing the relevant appeal form.

  Download the infant class size appeal form

  Download a Grammar School appeals form

  Download school place appeals form