All of the councils in Devon and Somerset, along with the Local Enterprise Partnership, the two National Park Authorities and the three Clinical Commissioning Groups, are working in partnership towards achieving devolution for the Heart of the South West.

Whilst the Government has slowed with its devolution agenda, the Partnership remains committed to improving the productivity of the Heart of the South West. We want our businesses, in whatever place or sector, to realise the benefits of becoming more productive - which, in turn, will lead to increased prosperity for our communities. We are looking to drive productivity and prosperity for all.

Earlier in the year we set out the challenges facing the Heart of the South West and sought views on how these could be addressed. We took that evidence base, considered the views provided and published a draft Productivity Strategy in October 2017.

The consultation has now closed and the results from the consultation will be considered by the Joint Committee of the Leaders of the Heart of the South West before a final Productivity Strategy is agreed in 2018.