Torbay Economic Strategy 2017 - 2022

The Economic Strategy provides a five year plan for growing and developing Torbay’s economy. It sets out the objectives and actions for long term sustainable and productive growth, drawing upon its strengths and emerging opportunities.

The four primary objectives of the Economic Strategy are to:

  1. Deliver a successful town centre regeneration programme.
  2. Continue to create an environment in which businesses and jobs can grow.
  3. Accelerate the development of employment space geared to business needs.
  4. Raise skills levels and broaden the skills base within the workforce.

English Riviera Destination Management Plan 2016 – 2021

The Destination Management Plan (DMP) sets the framework for the on-going development of Torbay as a tourism destination. The DMP sets out a series of agreed actions, in partnership with local stakeholders, to strengthen and develop the English Riviera’s tourism offer by achieving the following:

  • Increase year round growth in visitor numbers
  • Extension of the current tourism season
  • Attraction of new International and UK visitors
  • Increase visitor spend
  • Attract investment and reinvestment into the Torbay tourism sector
  • Ensure sustainable delivery of marketing activity for the destination
  • Raise level of skills in the sector