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Council Budget

Torbay Council, along with other local authorities, continues to face reductions in the level of funding it receives.
The council has to make extremely tough decisions and needs to reduce costs and deliver services in new ways so it can maintain as many services as possible that Torbay residents value.
In setting a budget for the next financial year, Torbay Council faces an unprecedented challenge. Savings of over £30 million in the last three financial years have already been made and further reductions estimated at more than £14 million are needed in 2015/16. The majority of this has already been identified and can be found in the Council Budget 2014/15 pages. Now the remaining saving proposals of £3.8 million have been published and can be found in the document below.
An eight week consultation for public and partner organisations will run until Friday 29 August so as much early feedback as possible can be gathered. For more information please see the Consultation pages. Paper copies will be available at all Torbay Libraries and in Connections offices.
Feedback from the consultation will be considered and this will inform the final proposals. A formal decision about the savings proposals will be made at Full Council in October this year. The cost savings realised from the agreed service changes will be used to develop the 2015/16 budget, which will be set in February 2015 alongside the council tax.
Document published October 2014 outlining the saving proposals towards the 2015/16 revenue budget.
Results and reports from the budget consultation.
Draft document, published July 2014 for consultation, outlining the saving proposals for the 2015/2016 Revenue Budget.
Reviews which provide a snapshot of council services and the activities and services provided.

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