The Leader of the Council and his Cabinet have published their proposals for their first budget and want to engage and work with individuals, communities and partners to help deliver a balanced budget.

We continue to face financial pressures arising from years of central government austerity measures and increasing demand on high cost services such as social care. We are likely to receive £6.5m of Revenue Support Grant from central government next year - that compares with £42 million in 2013/2014.

We estimate that we need to fill a funding gap of approximately £10.5 million to balance the budget in 2020/2021 and more than £18m by 2022/23. That’s on top of the £82m in saving and efficiencies we have made in the last 7 years to achieve a balanced budget.

Approximately £2.5 million of the proposals for 2020/21 require decisions to be made by us and we are now consulting on these. As part of the consultation, we are also seeking views on a number of proposals which could be implemented in future years.

There will be a range of consultation opportunities during January with the online questionnaire available until 24 January 2020. Full details will be available online and via social media.

  Have your say on the Draft Budget Proposals 2020/21

Budget Overview and Proposals for 2020/2021
Provides an overview of the Cabinet’s proposals for the Revenue and Capital Budgets for 2020/2021.
Proposals for Efficiencies, Income Generation and Service Change
Sets out the details of the Cabinet’s proposals for efficiencies, income generation and service change in order to achieve a balanced budget for 2020/2021. Where a proposal has been assessed as having a material impact on service users, a draft Equality Impact Assessment has been prepared.
Chief Finance Officer’s Report
Provides technical details to support the Cabinet’s budget proposals for 2020/21.
Medium Term Resource Plan
This is the key financial planning document and supports the Council in ensuring it can plan effectively for the use of resources in the medium term.
Draft Capital Plan 2020/2021
This explains which capital schemes the Council plans to fund over the coming year.
Proposed Fees and Charges
The Cabinet’s proposals for the fees and charges for 2020/2021.
Draft Revenue Budget Digest 2020/2021
Provides a description of what each Council service does and how much it is proposed to spend next year, including how much income each service is expected to receive.
Proposed Fees and Charges for Household Waste and Recycling
The proposed charges for the disposal of household DIY waste (such as plasterboard, rubble and asbestos) at the Household Waste Recycling Centre. This would bring Torbay in line with the charges which Devon County Council has been making for some time.

Flower beds

We are proposing to review how we look after our parks, cut our grass and provide litter and park bins to make sure we make the most efficient use of our resources:

This may involve cutting the grass less often - making it more friendly to bees and insects whilst making sure we are mindful of the places that tourists visit. We will look to prioritise the planting beds which are in tourist areas and work with the community to maintain other planting beds. We will look to remove litter and park bins where there are others in very close proximity.

This proposal is expected to save £191,000 in 2020/21.

There are a number of flower bed locations which might be affected by the budget proposals. Please let us know what you think in our online questionnaire which is open until Friday 24 January 2020.