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How the council works

Find your parliamentary representative and learn how we conduct our business.

Information we need to make sure you get the right bill

Find out what information we need to make sure your bill is correct.

Leader of the Council

Find out about the Leader and Cabinet model of governance that is used in Torbay to make decisions.

Explanations and appeals

What you need to do if you think that a decision we've made is wrong.

Council meetings and decisions

Details of meetings and decisions, including access to minutes and agendas, and how to get involved.

Other ways to reduce your bill

Other ways you may be able to reduce your bill

Tree planting

Find out about our tree planting programme which forms a key part of our commitment to tackling the climate emergency.

Other financial help

Information about other financial help available

Brixham Town Council

Find out about the elections held to elect the Councillors (Members) of Brixham Town Council including the results of past elections.

Repaying your overpayment

How to pay back Housing Benefit if you have been overpaid.

Financial assessment form

If you want us to consider lower repayments then you will need to complete a financial assessment form.

What evidence we need

Find out what proof we need for your benefit application.

If you are self-employed

Information on how self-employed earnings are calculated when working out Housing Benefit.

Welfare Support

Offering support to residents who are experiencing financial hardship

Pay an invoice in full

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Privacy notices for activities carried that are related to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Charging Policy

How we charge for specialised services such as, information requests, Land Charges and general concessions.

High hedges

Find out what you can do if you property is affected by high hedges.

How you will be paid

Details of how landlords receive their tenants Housing Benefit.

My tenant is in arrears

What we can do if your tenant is behind with the rent.