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Copy certificates

Find out how to get a copy certificate.

Other ceremonies

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Road safety

Find road safety advice, training and information and details of safety schemes in Torbay.

Travel Torbay

Your one stop destination for travel advice to help keep you moving around the bay.


Information on how to register a stillbirth.

The recovery process

Information on what will happen if you don’t pay your bill

Liability Orders

Information about liability orders

Someone has been in the care of Torbay Council

Find out about discounts for care leavers

Achievements, Honours and Awards

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Tell us someone has died

What we need to know when someone has died

Reducing the bill for people on low income

Find out about help available for someone on a low

What to do if you receive a summons

Find out about what to do if you receive a summons

Other ways to reduce your bill

Other ways you may be able to reduce your bill

Information we need to make sure you get the right bill

Find out what information we need to make sure your bill is correct.

Students, school leavers, apprentices and trainees

Find out about applying for a reduction if someone is a student, school leaver, apprentice or trainee

Second homes, holiday homes, caravans and boats

Information on reductions for second or holiday homes, boats and caravans.

Complain about a School

How to make a complaint about a school or the curriculum.

Fit for the future

Find out how we plan to transform the way we deliver services to improve outcomes for the community.

High hedges

Find out what you can do if you property is affected by high hedges.

Join the library

Find out how to join the library, what you can borrow and the services you can access once you are a member.