Road adoption is a term used to describe us taking over maintenance responsibilities for a 'private street'.

A 'private street' is a road which is not maintained at public expense meaning that we are under no obligation to carry out repairs or cleansing to the street, even though it could be a public right of way to which highway and traffic law can be applied.

We can consider adopting a private street where we resolve to raise the standard. These will include providing any or all of the missing features such as drainage, lighting and road markings or by improving the standard of any existing features. Any works would be at the cost of the property owners.

Once work has been carried out to the required standards the street will adopted and maintained by us.

New roads

New roads that have been constructed in accordance with our guidelines are normally adopted by way of a Section 38/278 Agreement with the developer. Upon completion of the works and a maintenance period, the streets will be adopted as public highway.

Road adoption enquiries

If you live in a road that is not currently adopted or you are a developer constructing a new highway and you wish to find out more about the possibility of it's adoption please use our enquiry form.  You can also use this form to request an adopted highway map (charges apply).

Adopted road enquiry form


Torbay Streets that are currently in Section 38/278 Agreements or are about to enter into one, are listed below: