A 'private street' is a road which is not maintained at public expense. This means that the we are under no obligation to carry out inspection, repairs or cleansing to the street even though the public might have access over it and to which highway and traffic law can be applied.

Streets that are un-adopted are generally in a condition not meeting the standard of adopted streets and are usually unmade (no bituminous surface). 

The responsibility for private streets lies with the street owners who are usually the people who live on the street. If this is the case, the title deeds of each frontager will normally make reference to access and maintenance rights. Further information may be attainable from¬†Land Registry Opens in a new window.

Report a private street that is unsafe

This is usually the responsibility of the owner (usually the frontager). If the problem is thought to be a 'danger' (for example a deep hole in the road suddenly appearing) the Council can arrange to make safe by placing barriers or road closures around the hazard. However, the permanent remedials are then to be carried out by the owner/s.

You can use our problem reporting system to establish if a street is public or private highway.

  Report a highway problem

How do I get a private street adopted?

To get a street adopted the street must be constructed to adoptable standards. The costs of constructing a street to adoptable standards must be met by the street owners/residents. We do not have a budget for this and cannot be of any financial help.