We regularly clear leaves between October and January from parks some roads in Torbay. This is dependant on the weather so we may not clear the leaves when it is raining.

If you notice a build-up of fallen leaves you can report it to us. You will need to tell us:

  • where the build-up of leaves is
  • any other information which might be helpful

  Report fallen leaves

We may not respond to all reports but they help us to understand hot spots and where to focus our cleaning efforts.

Leaves on your property

You are responsible for leaf clearance and disposal in your own property and garden.

You can compost leaves along with your food waste to help improve your soil for the next growing season. You can also book a garden waste collection or take them to the recycling centre.

Roads cleared of leaves

The following roads are cleared of leaves during October and January on a rota.

Leaf clearing rota
Road Town
Acadia Road Torquay
Altavista Road Paignton
Ansteys Cove Road Torquay
Asheldon Road Torquay
Aveland Road Torquay
Babbacombe Beach Road Torquay
Bakers Hill Brixham
Barcombe Heights Paignton
Barnfield Road Torquay
Barton Hill Road (not shops) Torquay
Barton Road - from Audley Avenue to St Vincents Road Torquay
Battersway Road Paignton
Braddons Hill Road East Torquay
Braeside Road Paignton
Brim Hill Torquay
Broadpark Road Torquay
Broadsands Road Paignton
Bronshill Road Torquay
Brunel Road Paignton
Burridge Road Torquay
Cary Avenue & circle Torquay
Cary Road Torquay
Cecil Avenue Paignton
Cedars Road Torquay
Chelston Road Torquay
Churston Village Brixham
Cleveland Road Torquay
Cockington Lane Torquay
Coombe Lane Torquay
Crownhill Park Torquay
Daddyhole Road Torquay
Devons Road Torquay
Douglas Avenue Brixham
Elmsleigh Park Paignton
Fernicombe Road (areas) Paignton
Foxhole Road (areas) Paignton
Greenway Road (Galmpton) Brixham
Guestland Road Torquay
Haldon Road & spur to Higher Lincombe Torquay
Hawkins Avenue Torquay
Hennapyn Road Torquay
Higher Erith Road Torquay
Higher Lincombe Road Torquay
Higher Warberry & slip road to Middle Warberry Torquay
Higher Woodfield Torquay
Hunsdon Road Torquay
Huxtable Hill Torquay
Ilsham Road (Asheldon Road to Meadfoot Sea Road) Torquay
Kents Road Torquay
Kingsgate Close Torquay
Kingswear Road Brixham
Lammas Lane (Southfield Avenue to Shorton Road) Paignton
Lansdown Lane Torquay
Lansdown Road Torquay
Lincombe Drive Torquay
Lincombe Hill Road Torquay
Livermead Hill Torquay
Lower Erith Road Torquay
Lower Penns Road Paignton
Lower Polsham Road Paignton
Lower Warberry Road Torquay
Lower Woodfield Torquay
Lymington Road - Trematon Avenue - Hele Road Torquay
Manor Road Torquay
Manscombe Road Torquay
Mead Road (both parts) Torquay
Merrivale Close Torquay
Middle Lincombe Road Torquay
Middle Warberry Road Torquay
Mortimer Avenue Paignton
Mudstone Lane Brixham
Nut Bush Lane Torquay
Occombe Valley Road Paignton
Oddicombe Hill Torquay
Old Mill Road Torquay
Old Road Brixham
Old Teignmouth Road Torquay
Old Totnes Road (Preston Down Rd to Cockington Village) Paignton
Oldway Road Paignton
Palermo Road Torquay
Parkham Glade Brixham
Parkham Lane (part) Brixham
Parkham Towers Brixham
Parkhill Road (from Beacon Hill to Meadfoot Road) Torquay
Parkhurst Road Torquay
Penn Meadows Brixham
Polsham Park Paignton
Preston Down Road (areas) Paignton
Queensway Torquay
Raleigh Avenue Torquay
Rawlyn Road Torquay
Ridgeway Road Torquay
Rillage Lane Torquay
Rock House Lane Torquay
Rousdown Road Torquay
Seaway Lane Torquay
Seymour Drive Torquay
Shorton Road (parts) Paignton
Sladnor Park Road Torquay
Sleepy Lane Paignton
Smallcombe Road (areas) Paignton
Solsbro Road Torquay
Southfield Road Paignton
St Agnes Lane Torquay
St Albans Road (Cary Avenue to Babbacombe Road) Torquay
St Andrews Road Paignton
St Annes Road Torquay
St Lukes Road Torquay
St Lukes Road North Torquay
St Lukes Road South Torquay
St Marks Road Torquay
St Marychurch Road (Westhill to Precinct) Torquay
St Marys Road Brixham
St Matthews Road Torquay
St Vincents Road Torquay
Stanley Road Torquay
Steep Hill Torquay
Stitchill Road Torquay
Sutherland Road Torquay
Teignmouth Road (Moor Lane to Borough Boundary) Torquay
Thurlow Road Torquay
Tor Park Road Torquay
Underhill Road Torquay
Upper Braddons Hill Road Torquay
Upton Manor Road (Big Tree area) Brixham
Vane Hill Road Torquay
Vansittart Road Torquay
Vicarage Hill Torquay
Vicarage Road Brixham
Vicarage Road Torquay
Vine Road Torquay
Walnut Road (Avenue Road to Vicarage Road but not shops) Torquay
Watcombe Beach Road Torquay
Waterside Road Paignton
Westhill Road (parts) Paignton
Wheatridge Lane Torquay
Windmill Lane Paignton
Windsor Road (Reddenhill Road to Higher Warberry) Torquay