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Fallen leaves

All about the clearance of leaves from parks and highways in Torbay

We routinely clear leaves between October and January from parks and key roads in Torbay; we will also deploy our resources as needed to roads where there are incidents of excessive leaf fall impacting highways and gullies.

We have a vehicle fleet committed to leaf clearance and, last year, almost 150 tonnes of leaves were cleared over the winter period! The leaves are then taken to a farm where they are composted.

 As trees are affected by temperature and light, they drop their leaves at different times in different locations. This means despite keeping to our leaf-clearing rota, there may be occasions where there is a build-up of fallen leaves that we are unaware of. If you notice such a build-up, and it is causing issues, you can report it to us. You will need to tell us:

  • Where the build-up of leaves is
  • Any other information which might be helpful.

We may not respond to all reports, but they help us to understand hot spots and where to focus our cleaning efforts.

Please note that leaf-cleaning is weather-dependent and we cannot clear leaves when it is raining. 

To report issues, please call 01803 701310

Report a Highway problem

Leaves on your property

You are responsible for leaf clearance and disposal when the leaf fall is within the boundary of your property and garden.

What to do with leaf waste:

  • You can compost leaves, along with your food waste, to help improve your soil for the next growing season
  • You can take them to the recycling centre
  • You can book our garden waste collection service at just £50* per year, with a fortnightly collection.

( *discount for those on council tax support)