Where no suitable funeral arrangements have been made or are being made for a deceased person who has died in the Torbay area, we may have a duty to help out. Where possible expenses will be recovered from the estate of the deceased.

If the death occurred in hospital

The Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust Opens in a new window will arrange for the funeral of any person who died in or whilst travelling to hospital

Who Pays for the Funeral?

If possible the cost of the funeral is met out of the estate of the deceased, or from a spouse or a parent. If details of family and friends are found they will be informed of the death and invited to make the funeral arrangements. If it is not possible to contact a spouse or a parent the cost will be met by us.

Property and Personal Effects

If the deceased left furniture or other personal effects arrangements will be made for the disposal of these items and any money recovered offset against the cost of the funeral.

When all costs are known and the value of the estate exceeds this, the Treasury Solicitor is informed.

Public funerals held between January 2009 and June 2019
Deceased Name Date of Death Place of Death Next of Kin Located Passed to Treasury Solicitor
Ms Diane Bennet 06/01/09 TQ1 No No
Mr David Arthur Giles 25/01/09 TQ2 No No
Mr Keith Anthony Barlow 26/01/09 TQ4 No No
Mr Frederick Thorpe 09/02/09 TQ1 No No
Mr Reginald Arthur Bennett 16/02/09 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Raymond Edward Richardson 03/03/09 TQ1 No No
Mr Roy Bernard Wadlan 04/03/09 TQ5 No Yes - 06/07/2009
Mrs Christine Mary Wotton 18/05/09 TQ2 No No
Mr David John Graham Weeks 20/05/09 TQ2 No No
Mr David Leonard West 27/05/09 TQ3 No No
Mr Thomas Connelly 04/06/09 TQ2 No No
Mr Anthony Sydney Bunker 17/06/09 TQ2 No No
Mrs Dylys Lucey 27/06/09 TQ1 No No
Mrs Jane De Vogelar 28/06/09 TQ1 No No
Mr James Burgess 03/08/09 TQ3 No No
Mr Steven Clarke 09/08/09 TQ1 No No
Mr David White 02/09/09 TQ1 No No
Mr Jeffrey White 26/10/09 TQ1 No No
Mrs Dorothy Maude Carter 27/10/09 TQ1 No No
Ms Kathleen McLoughlin 08/11/09 TQ2 No No
Mr Walter John Biddle 12/11/09 TQ4 No No
Mrs Margaret Rose Joyce Alcindor 26/11/09 TQ3 No No
Mr Samuel Alan Wimbs 25/12/09 TQ2 No No
Mrs Mary Jean Witchell 17/01/10 TQ1 Yes No
Mrs Enid Ann Wagstaff 29/01/10 TQ2 No No
Mrs Lilian J Trethewey 15/02/10 TQ1 No No
Mrs Norah Josephine Mary Jackman 20/03/10 TQ3 No No
Mr Adrian Mooney 24/03/10 TQ1 No No
Mr Peter Joseph Craven 12/04/10 TQ5 Yes No
Ms Julia Moran 06/05/10 TQ2 No No
Mr Kirk Airey 21/05/10 TQ2 No No
Ms Joyce Alexander 02/07/10 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Robert McColl 24/07/10 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Danny Mario Rogers 06/08/10 TQ3 No No
Mrs Anna Woitzik 26/08/10 TQ1 No No
Ms M Waters 10/09/10 TQ1 No No
Mrs Stella Williams 16/09/10 TQ2 No No
Mr Jonathan Gerald Johnson 04/10/10 TQ3 No Yes - 13/12/2010
Mr Harold E Singleton 12/10/10 TQ2 No No
Mr Peter Joseph Hammond 22/10/10 TQ5 No No
Mr Robert Nash 24/10/10 TQ1 No No
Mr Edward Allen 06/11/10 TQ3 No No
Mrs Maureen Cunningham 10/11/10 TQ3 No No
Mrs Ann Saberton 16/11/10 TQ1 No No
Mr Thomas Wilkes 16/12/10 TQ2 No Yes - 07/01/2011
Mr Thomas Hammond 13/02/11 TQ3 No No
Mr Derek John Pitt 15/03/11 TQ2 No No
Mr Derek Thomas Grainge 08/04/11 TQ2 No No
Mr Owen Kelly 01/07/11 TQ3 Yes No
Mr David Rickhard 06/07/11 TQ2 No Yes - 02/08/2011
Mrs Annie Almond 07/07/11 TQ2 Yes No
Mrs Joy O'Connell 10/07/11 TQ4 No Yes - 31/08/2011
Mrs Bacon 12/07/11 TQ3 Yes No
Mrs Muriel Lillian Beels 21/07/11 TQ1 Yes No
Ms Pamela Kemp 21/07/11 TQ1 No No
Mr Mark Anthony Ford 30/09/11 TQ2 No No
Mr Brian Foster 04/10/11 TQ5 No No
Mr Robert Nicolas 29/11/11 TQ5 Yes No
Mr Bertie Pagnum 14/12/11 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Garry James Williams 27/12/11 TQ3 No No
Mr Neal Bradley Dennis 29/03/12 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Bernard Ruff 25/04/12 TQ3 No No
Mr Paul Crawley 15/06/12 TQ2 Yes No
Mr John Douglas Cooper 03/07/12 TQ3 No No
Mr Michael Lloyd 05/08/12 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Colin John Cook 23/10/12 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Peregrine Winfield 10/12/12 TQ1 No No
Mr Kenneth Edward Evans 18/12/12 TQ3 Yes No
Mrs Kathleen Bagshaw 11/01/13 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Adam Rourke 05/02/13 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Shaun Patrick Ibbett 06/02/13 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Anthony John Evans 16/02/13 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Julian Outfin Williams 22/02/13 TQ4 No No
Mrs Susan Jacqueline Cole 07/03/13 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Adrian Sherman 13/03/13 TQ1 No No
Mr Neil Bowers 14/03/13 TQ1 Yes No
Mrs Sandra Hannaford 18/03/13 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Michael R Yates 21/03/13 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Ian Sedgeman 09/04/13 TQ1 No No
Ms Sheila Johnson 13/04/13 TQ1 No No
Miss Heather Gordon 23/04/13 TQ5 No No
Kathleen Gorman 28/04/13 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Reginald Harold Patten 13/06/13 TQ1 No No
Mr Anthony Keith Smith 28/07/13 TQ2 No No
Ms Patricia Mardell 23/08/13 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Aubrey William Roberts 22/10/13 TQ1 No No
Mr Frederick Gordon 12/11/13 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Paul Powell 17/11/13 TQ1 Yes No
Mr David Anthony Stumbles 22/11/13 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Daniel Craig Osbourne 06/12/13 TQ5 No No
Mrs Thelma Iris Humphries 12/12/13 TQ1 No No
Ms Karina Booth 18/12/13 TQ2 Yes No
Ms Dorothy Jones 02/04/14 TQ3 None No
Mr Edward Goble 09/04/14 TQ2 None No
Mr Andrew C Harrad 09/05/14 TQ3 None No
Ms Sheila McGuinness 16/05/14 TQ3 Yes No
Mrs Margaret Elizabeth West 03/06/14 TQ5 None No
Beryl Knight 04/06/14 TQ1 None No
Mr Thomas Edward Jordan 04/06/14 TQ4 None No
Mr Martin Andrew Taylor 09/06/14 TQ5 None No
Mr Andrew John Jones 16/07/14 TQ2 None No
Mr Stanley Lewis 16/07/14 TQ5 Yes No
Mr John Laurence Gabriel 26/07/14 TQ1 None No
Ms Nicola Jane Davies 02/08/14 TQ1 None No
Mr Geoffrey William Bowman 20/08/14 TQ1 None No
Mr Trevor Townsend 23/08/14 TQ1 None No
Mr William Chatterton 29/08/14 TQ2 None No
Mr Jim McKillop 20/10/14 TQ1 None No
Mr Ronald Telfer 20/11/14 Yes No
Mr Robert Wyse 29/12/14 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Richard Potts 31/12/14 TQ2 No No
Mr William Laverty 05/01/15 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Robert Minskip 08/01/15 TQ4 None No
Mr Mark Thomas Pillar 26/01/15 TQ3 Yes No
Mair Fletcher 01/02/15 TQ3 None No
Mr John Dougal McConnell 26/02/15 TQ1 None No
Mr Robert Miller 25/03/15 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Christopher Charles Musgrave 05/04/15 TQ5 None No
Mr Bruce Cottrill 09/04/15 TQ1 Yes No
Leslie Jeffs 21/04/15 TQ3 No No
Jane Smith 24/04/15 TQ3 None Yes - 07/07/2015
Mr George William Busby 29/04/15 TQ4 None No
Mr Brian Maker 10/05/15 TQ1 Yes No
Carole Richards 12/06/15 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Adam Bushell 24/06/15 Yes No
Mr Russell Isaac 14/07/15 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Garfield Kent 15/07/15 TQ1 Yes No
Ms Sylvia Keen 22/07/15 Yes No
Mr Glen Stacey 23/08/15 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Colin Rees 25/09/15 TQ1 No No
Mr Daran Goff 08/10/15 Yes No
Mr Michael Joseph Kenny 11/10/15 TQ1 Yes No
Ms Paula McAllister 04/11/15 TQ5 Yes No
Mr Brian Hudson 25/11/15 TQ12 None No
Margaret Devonshire 11/12/15 Yes No
Ms Barbara Murphy 11/12/15 TQ4 None No
Mr Paul Prescott 12/12/15 TQ2 Yes No
Ms Christina Hill 20/12/15 TQ2 None No
Mr Clifford Bragg 25/01/16 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Joseph Kearns 31/01/16 TQ3 No No
Mr Joseph Scott 12/02/16 TQ5 None No
Ms Maureen Hare 12/02/16 TQ1 None No
Mr Kenneth Hedley 15/02/16 TQ1 Yes No
Ina Winifred Adams 03/03/16 TQ3 None No
Pamela Jane Stockwell 26/03/16 TQ5 None No
Mr Sven Bade 15/05/16 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Terence Stanley McCann 18/05/16 TQ5 Yes No
Diane Williams 23/05/16 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Graham Bird 25/05/16 TQ1 No No
Vica Capraroiu 31/05/16 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Keith Davies 06/06/16 TQ2 Yes No
Mr David Simmons 08/07/16 No No
Mr Michael Thomas Huckle 30/07/16 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Philip Deakin 02/09/16 TQ2 Yes No
Mr James Francis O'Hare 09/09/16 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Lawrence Brittain 13/09/16 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Clive Allwood 04/10/16 TQ2 No No
Mr Stuart Mark Forrest 10/01/17 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Angus Frew 19/01/17 TQ1 Yes No
Mary Lewis 21/01/17 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Simon D Bown 17/03/17 TQ3 No No
Mr Michael Hodge 15/05/17 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Ian Richardson 01/07/17 TQ4 Yes No
Mr William Harris 30/07/17 TQ1 No No
Mr Kevin Dodgson 01/09/17 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Patrick Richard McCarthy 26/10/17 TQ2 None No
Mr George Smith 24/11/17 TQ2 No No
Mr David Michael Hill 29/11/17 TQ4 Yes No
Mr Stephen Pitt 02/12/17 None No
Mr Paul Yull 08/01/18 Yes No
Teresa McBride 20/01/18 Yes No
Yvonne Devey 10/02/18 TQ3 Yes No
Jean Montieth 01/03/18 Yes No
Mr John Clarke 01/03/18 TQ5 Yes No
Mr David Samuel Westwood 02/03/18 TQ4 Yes No
Patricia Rowsell 05/04/18 TQ4 None No
Mr Frank Bentham 11/04/18 TQ2 None No
Mr Thomas Mortimore 29/04/18 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Philip Glover 08/05/18 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Peter John Dumbreck 10/05/18 TQ2 Yes No
Mr John Jeffery Laking 21/06/18 TQ14 Yes No
Mr Anthony Charles Franklin 31/07/18 TQ12 Yes No
Caroline Marchant 05/08/18 TQ5 Yes No
Mr Raymond Davies 13/08/18 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Robert Burgess 25/08/18 TQ1 No No
Mr Brian Thomson 06/09/18 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Bernard (Ben) Casey 14/09/18 TQ2 Yes No
Mr David Bartlett 22/09/18 TQ2 No No
Mr David Cole 05/10/18 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Robert Boshier 27/11/18 TQ3 No No
Mr Graham Dempsey 06/01/19 TQ1 Yes No
Mr Roger Bushell 13/01/19 TQ2 No No
Mr Ian Muir 26/01/19 Yes No
Mr Raymond Boucher 09/02/19 TQ3 Yes No
Mr Dennis Martin 10/02/19 No No
Mr Keith Hunnisett 22/02/19 NN3 Yes No
Mr John Michael Robinson 03/03/19 Yes No
Mr Kevin Michael Smith 06/03/19 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Andrew Bruce Surgenor 18/03/19 TQ2 Yes No
Mr Michael Rowe 18/03/19 TQ3 Yes No
Frances Mary Skyrme 09/05/19 TQ4 Yes No

How can I obtain the date and place of birth of the deceased?

This information can be found on the death certificate of the deceased. Certificates can be obtained from Paignton Library.

Why have you not disclosed the value of the deceased's estate?

This information will not be published by us, nor is it published by the Treasury Solicitor. This is to reduce the risk of fraudulent claims being made against the estate.

Those individuals who believe they are an entitled relative can make a claim on the estate or find out more information from the Bona Vacantia Opens in a new window website.

  Claim or refer an unclaimed estate Opens in a new window