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A key decision needs to be made and it cannot be published in the Forward Plan for at least 28 clear days. The Head of Governance Support will produce a General Exception notice which will be listed on this webpage and made available to the public at the offices of the Council.

Browse the Forward Plan for a list of the Council's key decisions that will be made over the next three months. These decisions will be made by either the Cabinet or by officers who have been delegated authority by the Leader of the Council and Cabinet.

Additional Land, at Broadsands Café at Broadsands Beach, Paignton

Torbay Council currently manages Broadsands Cafe at Broadsands Beach, Paignton.  We have the intention to grant a lease to the operators of the Cafe to provide additional land surrounding the Cafe to enable the land to be developed to provide additional space for the Café.

Due to the land being considered Open Space, there is a requirement on Torbay Council under the Local Government Act 1973 to advertise this leasehold disposal and seek comments and objections to the loss of open space.

The purpose of the notice is to provide an opportunity for members of the public to object to the loss of open space.

Local Government Act 1972 Section 123
Additional Land, at Broadsands Café at Broadsands Beach, Paignton
Section 123 Notice Supplementary Info Additional Land At Broadsands Cafe
Supplementary Information
Proposed additional land to be leased to Broadsands Bistro, Broadsands Beach
Local Government Act 1972, Section 123 (1), (2A)
Land adjacent to Roselands Primary School, Paignton
Proposed land Roselands Primary School Grassed Area