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Window plans

Guidance on how to correctly produce window plans to accompany a planning application.

Details for replacement windows or doors - standard

Please follow the guidance in the following document for applications where replacement windows are proposed for a house or flat where the application site is not in a conservation area or the application will not be affecting a listed building (separate guidance is available in these cases).

Details for windows in conservation areas or listed buildings

Where the main body of an application is for the replacement of windows or doors; and either takes place in a conservation area or is to a listed building, then we require a level of detail which enables the planning officer to see clearly what the impact of the proposed change might be on the building and on the area it is located within. The details must be drawn to specified scales so that the planning officer can ascertain the width of visible framework. Please follow the advice in the following document when submitting details to us.

Listed Buildings

Listed Building Consent is almost always required for replacement windows in Listed Buildings.