If the machine nearest to your vehicle is out of order, please use an alternative machine at that location to purchase a valid ticket as failure to clearly display a valid ticket may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

Contact Parking Services on 01803 207695 stating the location of the machine and the sum of money lost. A form will then be sent to you to claim the money back. You are still required to purchase a valid ticket from an alternative machine at the location whether you are in a car park or on street.

No, a valid ticket must be purchased as soon as you arrive and vehicles must display a valid ticket or permit at all times if required to by the location. Failure to clearly display a valid ticket may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

Liveried removal vehicles are able to park against the majority of restrictions while loading/unloading is taking place, however people often use unmarked vans and cars to move property. To avoid a Penalty Charge Notice being issued to your vehicle, contact us stating the date and vehicle details. Please note if a removal vehicle obstructs the flow of traffic you may be asked to move this by a Civil Enforcement Officer or Police officer.

After consultation with residents controlled parking schemes have been introduced in some areas of Torbay. Contact Highways if you require more information.

We issue Parking Dispensation Notices to allow contractors to carry out works where they require constant access to their vehicle. Please visit our Parking Dispensation Notice page to fill in an online application form and make payment.

No, please visit the Double Parking page for further information.

Wedding and Funeral vehicles have dispensations to park outside churches or places of worship. Contact Parking Services with details.

We fully understand that ensuring children arrive and leave school safely is important to all parents however by parking illegally when doing this, it compromises road safety for everyone. Parking restrictions outside of schools are provided for safety reasons to ensure clear sight lines for both motorists and children. We work in partnership with the Police and our Road Safety team to ensure parents and children are educated with regard to the road safety problems this activity causes.

Please write in to the Highways Department stating why you think the restriction should be altered. Please bear in mind that the entire street must be consulted with regard any possible changes so speak to your neighbours before writing in.

Parking on pavements and verges is dangerous, as it obstructs pedestrians and causes people of all ages to walk in the road. Damage is also caused to vital underground services and access to fire hydrants may be blocked in an emergency.   Where there is a current parking restriction in place the Civil Enforcement Officer can issue a Penalty Charge Notice. Please visit the Pavement Parking page for further information.

Please read the Department for Transport guidance booklet issued to all blue badge holders. In particular Section 10 “Where not to park”.

We are not able to issue a Penalty Charge Notice to vehicles where there is no parking restriction. In this instance telephone your Police neighbourhood beat manager on 08452 777444 for advice.

The Health Emergency Badge (HEB) scheme can offer dispensation to health care workers and emergency service workers within the Torbay area.

Guests and visitors must adhere to the parking restrictions at the location. We advise all hotels and guest houses to ensure guests are fully aware of any parking restrictions prior to their arrival. As stated in the Highway Code, you may stop to load or unload, or whilst passengers board or alight from a vehicle stopped on double yellow lines.
If Civil Enforcement officers do not observe continuous loading and unloading a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued. When all passengers and luggage have been loaded/unloaded the vehicle must be removed and parked legally.

The activity of unloading or loading must take place with the vehicle parked at the kerbside; failure to adhere to this may result in the issue of a PCN.  If unloading or loading on double yellow lines there is allowance in our Traffic Regulation Orders for continuous loading/unloading for up to 20 minutes. This activity must be witnessed by the Civil Enforcement Officer.

Contact Parking Services stating the location details and the parking restriction in place.