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Torbay Lottery small grants fund policy

This policy details how Torbay Lottery small grants funds are allocated.

1. Introduction

1.1 Torbay Council supports charity, voluntary and community sector organisations because we believe that a vibrant Third Sector is vital to our community. The Council is committed to supporting organisations that deliver projects which have a beneficial impact on the local community and support the deliver our vision of a healthy, happy and prosperous Torbay and one or more of the Council's strategic themes from the Torbay - Community and Corporate Plan.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies only to the allocation of the Torbay Lottery small grants funds to the Third Sector good causes, who may apply for grants of up to £2,000. It does not apply to any other means of financial support from the Council that may be available under other schemes.

3. Purpose of Lottery Small Grants Funding

3.1 The Council has introduced the Torbay Lottery in response to the increasing pressures on local authorities' budgets. The lottery has been established to offer an innovative solution to help the voluntary and community sector (VCS) to gain access to new funding streams following reduction in grant funding from the Council.

3.2 Funding will only be provided where it can be demonstrated that a defined impact will be made that support the ambitions and visions of the Community and Corporate Plan. Organisations should demonstrate an outcomes focus in applications for funding. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate how the funding will achieve support for projects run by charities, voluntary groups and clubs and organisations. 3.3 Torbay Council residents will be the main recipients of the funding. The Council will require that all funding awards support the strategic themes of the Community and Corporate Plan, namely:

Community and People:

  • Ensure our town centres are safe and welcoming for all.
  • Keep children safe in their communities and provide safe environments for our young people to thrive in.
  • Ensure early intervention is effective and targeted.
  • Provide the best care and support available so that residents are empowered to achieve what matters most to them.
  • Provide clear signposting for those needing our help.
  • Support and encourage community action.
  • Improve wellbeing and reduce social isolation.

Pride in Place:

  • Draw investment into our towns and breathe life into our town centres, partnering with the private sector to deliver major projects.
  • Maximise heritage and cultural opportunities for the enjoyment and benefit of residents and visitors.
  • Ensure the effective operation of SWISCo to have resources to reinvest in Torbay.
  • Deliver priority capital projects within the Council's Capital Programme.
  • Improve the delivery, affordability and quality of housing (including housing standards) for residents in Torbay.
  • Improve the delivery of our planning service.
  • Protect and enhance our lived, built and natural environments, including our green spaces.

Economic Growth:

  • Encourage aspiration, providing opportunities for everyone to raise their skill level, particularly in high value careers.
  • Drive training opportunities across all sectors to empower people to improve their skills.
  • Improve transport links to and within Torbay.
  • Develop a year-round economy.
  • Increase the amount of full-time employment opportunities within Torbay.
  • Focus on inclusive growth, with opportunities which benefit everyone.

3.4 The Council retains the right to publicise all beneficiaries of the lottery small grants funding and the specific objectives that the funding will be used for.

4. Which organisations are eligible to apply for small grants funding?

4.1 Your organisation must:

  1. provide community activities or services within the Torbay Council area, which support the strategic themes of the Community and Corporate Plan;
  2. demonstrate the services it is providing by giving details of its activities and the number of people it is in contact with;
  3. actively promote equality issues within its structure and operations;
  4. ensure that any previous funding received from Torbay Council has been spent in accordance with the funding award conditions attached to them;
  5. ensure that all funding awards are spent within 12 months of being awarded;
  6. ensure, wherever possible, acknowledgement of the funding award from Torbay Lottery in its marking collateral, website and premises;
  7. have a formal constitution or set of rules;
  8. have a bank account requiring at least 2 unrelated signatories;
  9. operate with no undue restrictions on membership; and
  10. have a detailed plan as to how the lottery will be promoted.

And be either:

  • A constituted group with a volunteer management committee, with a minimum of three unrelated members, that meets on a regular basis (at least 3 times per year).
  • A registered charity, with a board of trustees.


  • A registered Community Interest Company, and provide copies of your Community Interest Statement, details of the Asset Lock included in your Memorandum and Articles of Association, and a copy of your latest annual community interest report.

4.2 An organisation can only submit one application per year.

5. Which organisations are not eligible to apply for small grants funding?

5.1 We will not permit applications for small grants funding:

  • from groups promoting or lobbying for particular religious or political beliefs or campaigns;
  • from organisations that do not do work within the boundaries of the Torbay Council area;
  • from individuals;
  • from organisations which aim to distribute a profit;
  • from organisations with no established management committee/board of trustees (unless a CIC); or
  • that are incomplete.

5.2 The Council reserves the right to reject any application for any reason.

5.3 The Council reserves the right to cease to license any organisation with a minimum of 7 days notice for any reason. If fraudulent or illegal activity is suspected cessation will be immediate.

6. What will and will not be funded?

6.1 Funding will only be considered for work that will be undertaken in Torbay and/or will be wholly or principally for the direct benefit of the residents of Torbay.

6.2 Awards cannot be used for retrospective funding; that is to replace money that has already been spent, or to cover items or services that have already been bought.

6.3 Any funding award must only be spent for the approved purpose i.e. applicants must be able to demonstrate that the funding has been spent on the specific purpose outlined in the funding application form and detailed in the final funding offer letter by providing receipts/evidence.

6.4 Torbay Council does not fund applications for structural purchases.

Risk considerations in funding awards

7.1 The Council acknowledges that the creativity and innovation of the VCS sector can carry risks for non-delivery, for example where a new idea does not work out as intended.

7.2 The Council uses the general principle of requiring a lower level of risk the higher the amount of funding provided. Maximum levels of funding will only be provided where the risk of non-delivery is very low.

7.3 In order to achieve an appropriate balance between managing risk and supporting innovative ideas or new organisations, a funding limit of £2,000 will apply to:

  • organisations that have been in existence for less than one year; or
  • organisations that are not registered with either the Charity Commission or Companies House, or other appropriate government regulator.

7.4 Funding awards to VCS groups will be looked on more favourably where applications can demonstrate:

  • a strong evidence of need;
  • evidence that the proposed approach is likely to achieve the desired outcomes;
  • that the application does not contain high revenue costs that cannot be sustained; and
  • that a lasting benefit can be achieved.

Funding Conditions

8.1 Information of the conditions that will apply to funding awards (as set out in this Policy) will be made available to applicants before they apply.

8.2 All funding offers will be subject to the recipients accepting the funding conditions.

Assessment Process

9.1 Applicants must complete a standard application form and provide the supporting documents.

9.2 The Council will let you know if you have been successful within 6 weeks of the application deadline - so please take this into consideration when planning your activity - payments will be made directly into your BACS account no later than 12 weeks from the date of consideration by the Panel.

9.3 All small grant funding applications will be assessed by a Panel comprising of the Council's Chief Executive and the Head of Legal and Monitoring Officer.

9.4 Appeals against the process used to award funding will be dealt with using Torbay Council's complaints procedure. There is no right of appeal as to the decision outcome itself.