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Believe to Achieve Funding - Torbay On The Move

Find out about the grant fund available to support elite and talented athletes in Torbay.

Believe to Achieve is a grant scheme aimed at providing finance to help with the associated costs of sport. We currently have funds available to support our elite and talented athletes. We want to help athletes from across Torbay pursue their sporting goals and careers.

We have grants of up to £1,500. This depends on level of competition. They can contribute to pay towards:

  • athletes training
  • equipment
  • competition fees
  • expenses, such as travel

Costs can soon mount up. We don’t want these costs to stop our athletes from achieving their full potential.

We want to support those determined to achieve their goals. By doing this they will inspire the next generation of sports stars. Others will then follow their example and choose sport as a fundamental part of their lives.

The scheme was created to show our commitment to support the sporting talent of tomorrow. Want to make sure they can flourish and thrive in their chosen fields.

We recognise that every sport is unique. We will assess each application based on the evidence provided.

How it works

We will award grants four times per financial year. Panel reviews will take place in:

  • April 2024
  • July 2024
  • November 2024
  • February 2025

To ensure your application goes to panel, please return applications by:

  • Friday 19 April 2024
  • Friday 12 July 2024
  • Friday 18 October 2024
  • Friday 24 January 2024

Who can apply

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Live within the Torbay Council boundaries and provide two copies of proof of address with a Torbay Council ‘Council Tax Bill’ and supporting photo ID (driving licence). For all those under the age of 18,  please use parent/guardian proof of address.
  • Be registered or affiliated to a club recognised Sport England’s list of approved National Governing Bodies.
  • The athlete’s Club must be a registered member of Sport Torbay.
  • The club and governing body believe the person has the attitude and ability to progress.
  • The club/county coach/regional coach/national coach supports the application. They must confirm in writing that the person is on their chosen sport’s elite/gifted/talented pathway. They must confirm at which level the athlete is competing.
  • The award is for a specific purpose. This could be travel to training, taking part in a particular event, extra coaching and equipment. The award is not to buy clothing.
  • The decision may be to target financial support by paying club fees or meeting extra training costs.
  • Athletes can only apply once per yearly cycle. If you wish to repeat apply within the year, please email us. Outline your need for additional funding. We will then advise whether the Panel will consider a repeat application.
  • Athletes must be competing or be showing the ability to compete in the future, at County, Regional, National or International Level.
  • The amount of the awards depends on the level an athlete is competing at:
    • Competing up to and including County Level – awards up to £500.
    • Competing up to and including Regional Level – awards up to £1000.
    • Competing up to an including National and International Level – awards up to £1,500.

The information you need to provide

Before completing this application, please note you must supply the following:

  • A letter that verifies the applicant is representing or on the pathway to representing their county, region or country. This must be from a club, county or National Governing Body representative.
  • Six months after getting the grant. written details of how you spent the funds and what it allowed you to achieve.
  • We will ask successful recipients to undertake supportive roles for Torbay Council and Sport Torbay. We will withdraw funding if you fail to support in these roles. These may include (but are not limited to):
  • Attending sporting & celebration events.
  • Having your image/blogs on the Torbay Council and Sport Torbay website and social media sites. This includes YouTube, and relevant publications.
  • You must mention Torbay Council and Sport Torbay in any media and social media coverage.

Circumstances where we will not provide financial help:

  • If the sport is not recognised by Sport England.
  • If the individual resides outside of Torbay.
  • If we have allocated all of the funding.

To apply for this grant please download the form using the download button below and return the completed form with supporting evidence to