This section provides details on CRB Disclosures, Child Protection Policies and Child Protection Workshops because it is vital that you as a coach, teacher, Club or organisation understand your roles and responsibilities to protect your children and how to do the right thing.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosures

If your club has a junior section it is important that you carry out a number of CRB Disclosures on anyone that may come into contact with children before you employ them, whether they are paid or voluntary.

CRB Disclosures for voluntary clubs and coaches are often available through your National Governing Body.

Child Protection Officers (CPOs) or Child Welfare Officers (CWOs)

Each sports club should have an appointed Child Protection Officer who should ensure that the club is following their Child Protection Policy. The CPO should ensure that all necessary CRB Disclosures are carried out, that the Child Protection Policy is up-to-date and that any potential Child Protection issues are avoided.

Child Protection Policy

Each sports club should also have a Child Protection Policy. This policy should be signed off by Committee members, and available for members to view on request.

To download a template for a Child Protection policy please see below.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches play a crucial role in the development of any sport and in the lives of the children that they coach. All good coaches should ensure that young people in sport have positive experiences, they are then more likely to continue in their sport for life and achieve their full potential.

All coaches, no matter of level, must display a high degree of honesty, integrity and competence at all times. It is crucially important that coaches continually understand and act on their responsibilities as they are in the key position of protecting their participants and ensuring that the key concept of participating for fun and enjoyment as well as achievement is maintained.

All National Governing Bodies will have a Coaches Code of Conduct and all coaches should ensure that they are working by the rules and regulations laid down in this code.

To view a template for a Coaches Code of Conduct please see below, alternatively contact your National Governing Body.

Child Protection Policy
The aim of the Child Protection Policy is to promote good practice.
Code of Conduct
For club officials and volunteers.