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Find out more about the outcomes of the local heritage fund.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for in the Outcomes:

A wider range of people will be involved in heritage

This can mean:

  • People can access and enjoy your project proposal easily.
  • People who may have never attended heritage events watch, visit, or participate in the activity you organise.
  • Your proposal may have different platforms or outlets (so a talk may be recorded, or shared through YouTube, or in a leaflet)
  • A wider range of people from different ages, backgrounds and places work together as part of your project idea.
  • Your idea may be one that develops over time and uses community ideas to develop in the future.
  • The project will present or celebrate stories about Torbay’s heritage which you think are not being told.

The local area will be a better place to live, work, or visit

This can mean:

  • Project ideas that make a place more attractive, using local heritage as an inspiration.
  • You have a project in mind that will encourage people to come and explore a place or enjoy a given locality, through heritage.
  • The project is something which you know is appealing to people - residents or visitors - and which celebrates Torbay’s amazing stories.
  • The project presents a different perspective on heritage in your neighbourhood.

Working in partnership

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