If you own, manage or occupy a building with multiple occupants you should read this letter which describes responsibility and action which must be taken under the Fire Safety Order.

Fire Regulation Letter
Details of the responsibilities and actions which must be taken within buildings with multiple occupants.

Local Authorities and Social Housing suppliers nationwide are reviewing their properties to establish the suitability of any cladding. Private owners of accommodation should do the same, particularly if they are responsible for accommodation over 18 meters high. Where a surveyor undertaking assessment of a composite panel determines that it is necessary for cladding to be subjected to laboratory screening they should follow this procedure.

Sampling of Aluminium Composite Material Cladding
Protocol for the assessment of a composite panel used on a building.

When considering whether a converted building is fire safe, it may be useful to consider the Lacors Fire Safety Guide. Under the Fire Safety Order you should also have a Fire Risk Assessment undertaken.

Lacors Fire Safety Guide
Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing.

Care homes hospices and independent hospitals

The CQC has written to care homes, hospices and independent hospitals to encourage them to review their fire safety checks. The letter, from CQC chief executive, Sir David Behan, has been sent to care homes as a precautionary measure in June 2017.