The Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) includes the local authority areas of Devon, Torbay and Plymouth and sets out ambitious plans to improve health and transform care services. A key theme across the STP is an increased focus on prevention, and specifically prevention of mental ill-health, supported by the recent publication of the ‘PHE Better Mental Health Prevention Concordat’. Partners across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay are committed to working to together to reduce suicides. 

Devon-wide Suicide Prevention Strategic Statement

This strategic statement gives an overview of the strategic intent across the STP area.

We believe that suicide is preventable and each of these deaths could potentially have been avoided. We aim to ensure that the whole of Devon is a place where people do not consider suicide as a solution to the challenges they face. We will aspire to make Devon a place that supports people in times of personal crisis and builds individual and community resilience to improve lives.

Devon-wide Suicide Prevention Strategic Statement
An overview of how we plan to reduce suicide across Devon.

Torbay Multi-agency Suicide and Self-harm Prevention Plan

Recognising that each local authority area has it's distinct make up of population demographics, environmental and social economic factors, more detailed local implementation plans have been developed by each area. The Torbay Suicide and Self-harm Prevention Plan details how local organisations and groups work in partnership to reduce suicide in the population.

Torbay Suicide and Self-harm Prevention Plan 2022-2023
An overview of priorities for action to reduce suicide and self-harm in Torbay

In 2021, there were 29 deaths in Wider Devon as a result of land transport accidents

In the same year, 158 people died as a result of suicide or undetermined intent