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Torbay Annual Public Health Report 2023

Getting to the heart of the matter - Cardiovascular disease in Torbay

Getting to the heart of the matter cardiovascular disease in Torbay, Torbay Annual Health Report 2023



Editorial team:

  • Morgan Weiland, Public Health Research Officer, Torbay Council
  • Claire Tatton, Public Health Practitioner, Torbay Council
  • John McGuinness, GP, Corner Place Surgery & Population Health Fellow
  • Julia Chisnell, Consultant in Public Health, Torbay CouncilĀ 
  • Jo Cochrane, Communications Officer, Torbay Council
  • Nikki Massie, Web and Systems Manager, Torbay Council
  • Beth Hill, Creative Design Manager in Policy, Performance and Community Engagement, Torbay Council
  • Claire Slough, Web and Systems Officer, Torbay Council

And Contributors

  • Simon Baker, Public Health Specialist (Intelligence), Torbay Council
  • Jonny Graham, Consultant Paediatrician, Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lorraine Lloyd, Torbay Happy Hearts Support Group
  • Jasmine Allen, Engaging Communities South West
  • Mark Richards, Public Health Specialist, Torbay Council
  • Kirsty Parker-Calland, Community Sports Co-Ordinator in Environment Services, Torbay Council
  • Andy Gunther, Senior Planner in Strategic Planning, Torbay Council