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Easy read Adult Social Care Strategy

Find out how we can work together to deliver improved adult social care services for residents in Torbay.

our vision for adult and social care in Torbay

This plan is about how we will work together to get the best for people in Torbay.

The plan is about working with people who may need care and support, to help other people who care for them and to make sure we listen to people and hear their voice.

We all want to make our own choices and to have control about how we live. 

This plan explains how Adult Social Care services will make sure people have the things they need to stay healthy and well in their home, and to have the life they choose.

Lots of people need help and support from Adult Social Care services.  The plan is about helping people and also those who care for them, community and voluntary services and partners in the NHS.

Torbay is a beautiful place with lots of good things going on, but there are some difficult things too.

Torbay has to find out what the people of Torbay need and this is written in a report called the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

There are things that are difficult in Torbay.

In some places in Torbay, people die 6 years younger than in other places.

Torbay has some of the poorest areas in the South West.

There are a lot of older people in Torbay who are poorly, lonely and vulnerable.

There are children who do not have a good life because their families are poor.

There are a lot of people who are very overweight.

There are a lot of people who end their life by suicide.

Many people, including young people, have problems with their mental health.

There are a lot of people who use drugs and alcohol.


In 2022 the Care Quality Commission said that Health and Social Care is broken and does not work well.

People from poor areas, people from ethnic minority groups and disabled people are not getting good care at the right time.

People can’t always leave hospital when they need to. 

Care and support services are finding it hard to get staff to do the work.

The Government have set up a programme called “People at the heart of care” which is a plan to make changes.

They want people to have choice, control and support to live their own lives.

They want people to have good quality care and support.

They want adult social care to be fair and easy to access.

Joining up care (Integrating Care)

The Government has set up Integrated Care Boards   (ICB).

The Integrated Care Board has to make a plan to make people’s health better, make care services better and make sure money is used well.

The Integrated Care Board is called ‘One Devon’.

Torbay is using a plan which looks at the things that work well and are good (strengths based) for local people.

The plan looks at people as individuals and also at the people who are there to support and help them.

We want to work with people as equal partners and using the good things we already have.

We will keep talking to people to find out what is working well and what needs to change.

Problems in Torbay

There are a lot of people in Torbay who need care and support.

27% of people in Torbay are over 65 years old.

By 2040 there will be 34% of the population over 65 years old.

This means that more people will need care and support over time.

Over the next 10 years, there will be more people living with dementia.

There are more people living with mental health issues in Torbay than the wider average in England.

There are more people with learning disabilities in Torbay than the wider average in England.

There are not as many people using Direct Payments in Torbay. This means they may have less choice and control over their lives.

There is less money now and more people needing help so changes have to be made.

The staff working in Social Care change quickly but about half of social care staff stay
in this type of work.

What we want

“Thriving communities where people can prosper”.  This means that the community is a great place to be with everything you need to live a good life.

Mission statement (What we will do)

We will work with local people to make sure they can stay well and healthy with the right advice and support.

Services will be able to work in the best way for the person.

We want care and support to

Think about what people want and how they stay well.

Listen to what people want, treating them as individuals and with respect as well as making changes when its needed.

Be easy to get to quickly to help stop things getting worse.

Be joined up so that health can work with housing and employment too.

Be close to where people live and where people have family and friends.

The things we think are important and how we will behave and act.

We will work together with people to make sure care and support is right for them, flexible and good quality.

We will be fair with what we ask people to do.

We will share our power, skills, knowledge and resources (the things we have) to help people in Torbay.

We will try and get rid of the things that make it difficult for people to get the care and support they need.

We will support people by working in a flexible way to help people get the things they need to stay healthy and well.

We will help people to live independently by using technology.

We will respect people as individuals and support them to make changes which make them happy and healthier.

We will look at ways to work better and help people to have choices about how their needs are being met.

We will trust each other to do the right thing for people so that people are treated equally.

We will help staff to be creative and we will give staff the training they need to work in a different way.

Strong not wrong

We want to look at the good things that work well for people and to focus on our strengths.

We want -

More people to live independently with healthier lives so they do not need long term services.

Not as many people living in residential or nursing care homes.

When people leave hospital, they can live at home independently.

Young people who leave children’s services are more ready for being an adult.

This plan will be part of other plans and we will be working with our main partner Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and other partners including people who use services, carers, Healthwatch, voluntary services and Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

To make the plan work, we will work together with people who use services and the wider community.

We will work together equally so that we can learn and make services better for people in Torbay.

We will also continue to work with Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust as partners with Torbay Council as the lead partner.


Working in partnership

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